13 thoughts on “Rock People and a Madman? ~ Not Noah

  1. From the comments I’ve heard, I doubt I will waste my money to see the movie either. It is great for people to use their imagination in creating movies, but not when it involves the truth. Sadly many people don’t see The Bible as truth and movies like this will just confirm their unbelief!

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    1. You are welcome, Rose.

      I have been surprised that some are defending it. But…

      I’ve been thinking: What if we took Jesus to see a movie, made by a proud atheist, about the Bible but with terrible distortions as is the Noah movie out now, and then we said, “It’s just a movie Jesus.” Since when are we to support or learn the Bible from an atheist? Yes, we are to love … Love one another. But love God first.

      Having said that… God can and does use things – even such as this – to get people to open their hearts to search the Truth out. His. Not ours.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and joining the conversation. 🙂


  2. I really like what you’ve said. This movie has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Even the worst production can be a catalyst God uses, but in this culture, it more often distracts or misdirects, sadly.

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  3. As it turns out our son and his wife asked us to go and see Noah with them. We don’t often have that kind of time with them.. ‘going to a show and dinner’ so we agreed. They are Christians but don’t go to church…. ‘too busy lives’.. Anyway I told him that it isn’t exactly according to the Bible … that it was altered but that I believed God could still use it somehow . I wanted him to know that upfront…. Anyway we’re going this weekend… I’ll let you know what I think… but probably I already know… Diane

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      1. Heather It was so bad….. I would have walked out except we were with my son and wife…. They didn’t like it either though…. It was so far off biblical principals that It was ridiculous and Noah was not portrayed as a righteous man but a bully.. type who thought he was doing God’s will… I could give it such a play by play bad bad review… The only reason I can see that anyone would give it a good review is if they like ‘minions’ that protected Noah while he built the ark and were like transformer…. Bad!… I don’t even believe anymore that it can be serving any purpose ….Diane


  4. I made this comment to someone who asked me about the movie “Noah”:

    If it was portrayed as a Science Fiction/Fantasy movie and if they changed the title, I would watch it. As it stands now, I wouldn’t go near it.

    I am as appalled as you are with the treatment they have given the story of Moses. Even if the director took the bible as a work of fiction, the film adaptation should have stayed true to the book, just like other screen adaptations.

    But you have rightly said that this should stimulate Christians to openly talk about the Biblical account to their non-Christian friends. God can use all things for good and even a mangled version of the bible can point the way to the Truth.

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