I heard a conversation, while flipping the tv channel recently, that was about how, since “times have changed”, women and men should agree that purely sexual affairs outside a marriage (or relationship as they think is okay) can be fine as long as these aren’t also emotional affairs.


Many people agree with that statement from what I have been reading and hearing, but do Christians? And have Christians changed with the times?

I do think as a whole, we have compromised many things. We have allowed small, subtle changes in social acceptance to bombard our hearts and minds. Our daughters are growing up thinking that the world is correct when it says ~

“You aren’t sexy enough.”

“You aren’t dominant enough.”

“You can have everything and nothing will suffer.”

“Marriage is optional and not really a full commitment.”


And our boys are taught similarly awful things in subtle ways ~

“Do whatever it takes to win.”

“Don’t cry or show emotion. Be a man.”

“Women are objects.”


This is a slippery slope that only has one objective: To destroy these valued things.


Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward. ~ Psalm 127:3


Moms and dads, you might be shocked at where these subtleties are slipping in. We have to be aware at all times, so that what we are teaching them sticks in their hearts and minds. You work hard to teach your children the Truth.

They are loved.

They are enough as God made them.

It is important to respect themselves and each other.

Commitment is not to be taken lightly.


We are loving them. We are teaching them. But we must watch the back doors, the worldly ways that are trying to sneak in without our knowledge. We must guard our hearts better and teach our children to do the same. I think it takes much more diligence to do this today than ever before. What we hold in high regard, we must tell our children about and tell them why.


“Times” have not changed to those who hold in high regard ~




and LOVE.


“Times have changed” is not an open door sucking us through to conform to “new” ways of life. Let’s keep these in high regard and teach our children…

their futures are at stake.


Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6


Live Blessed ~




Would you walk the journey with us? Let’s love the world together! That would be such a blessing.

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7 thoughts on “Have Christians Changed with the Times?

  1. Oh yeh, sadly there are many who’d like us to believe we should change Scripture to fit the times. Even those who think it’s okay to pick and choose what part of Scripture we should follow and what to just dismiss. My husband calls them cafeteria Christians. But the Lord surely doesn’t look at it that way. Blessings, Heather. Natalie 🙂


  2. I do believe it can be very challenging for Industrial Age parents to teach Information Age children to lead a good life. I am personally speaking form experience! My friends and I have had good times and hard times with our parents showing us the right way to do things as they have been shown themselves. The only lessons that made the most sense and were consistent were those found in the Bile. Anything else that did not line up with it, to me, felt like regression packaged in a lecture, especially one about philosophical and existential matters.


    1. Excellent points, young sir! A major problem today is that my generation and a bit younger were encouraged to quickly separate from the ideals of past generations, and we listened. Thankfully, God’s persistence and grace showed me the way back. Then I took it seriously when teaching my daughter. Too many parents today do not take it seriously. Too many children “just grow up” on their own today. It is a sad, sad thing.
      Thanks for the conversation. I love the conversation!



  3. Yes and AMEN! We must pray daily that our children’s hearts and minds would be protected from the lies that are swarming them and replace those lies with the only thing that matters, who and what God says to be true of them!


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