Sounds backwards, doesn’t it? Well it is. The more I try to live as Jesus taught the more I find myself living the backwards way. The “un-normal” way.

From the world.
Deep lunging for a better-ness.
Dangling on what I know and am leaving behind.

Will I go alone? Not totally. Some are walking this “un-normal” path. The path on which we have to learn to separate even more…

Separate the things a person does from the person themselves.

Separate our immediate emotions from our long term decisions before they become judgements.

Separate our expectations of someone else before they become a checklist of what makes us different.

I’m thankful God is doing that in me.

It’s a process though. I was hard fast in my pain from others and seeing them through those glasses! Oh I forgive easily. But knowing how to live inside that ongoing infliction. Hard!

But then I think…

If He hadn’t separated what He knew about each of us before the beginning then we might very well be in eternal grieving.

I wrote this poem {just posted it this week} about this very thing. Actually, it was a prayer while I lay in bed the other night… in severe pain, but in true joy because of the chance to love and trust Him. As this prayer came out, I asked Him to not let me forget it, because I really wanted to share it if He wanted me too.

Here it came out and even more words than the prayer! Three fourths of the way into it I saw what He was doing. Every phrase ending had one less word… until it all came down to Him.

{Hear my heart pounding … with excitement over words? Boom. Boom boom. BOOM!}

Dear Jesus ~

Even though you saw before you made us how we’d fail.
Even though you saw our sin.
You saw our mistrust.
Our suffering.

You chose us anyway.

You wanted companionship like we want companionship.
You wanted friends like we want friends.
You wanted love like we want love.

You chose us.

All that which we do so wrong,
You made right in one moment in time.

You chose.

All because You loved us first.


Hear that love I heard?!

So as I walk that path of the “un-normal” in striving to be more and more like Him, as I allow Him to perfect me and not the other way around, as I live and breathe…

I make choices to separate the “what” from the “whom”.

Everyone has two choices in every situation as we walk this journey.

We can either accept Jesus or not.

Everyone who accepts Jesus and His gift of salvation has two choices.

We can either learn what He taught and try to live it out … or not. Life is harder in the “not”. So I choose to do what I can to change my life and get rid of the sin.


Why work on removing the sin? Because it weighs us down. Stops us from living the life He planned for us. One sin is forgivable. Multiple sins are forgivable. Repeated sin with no repentance? It grieves God I think.

But He is relentless to love us.
He loves. With compassion.

If we go after that… loving with compassion… then most sin and pain would just fall away. If we’d only separate. Love above all else ~ separates.

If we loved ourselves as God sees us, we’d wait for our spouse to come into our lives before we fell to the temptation of sex outside of marriage.

If we loved our spouses as God sees them, we’d have no divorce.

If we loved our neighbors as we love ourselves and as God loves us, there would be no war on any level.

If we loved God the way we should – first and unconditionally with all our heart, mind, and soul – we’d clearly love each other.

Now reverse all that.

Love God. Then love others.

Live blessed,


Would you walk the journey with me? Let’s love the world together! That would be such a blessing.

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    1. My downfalls too, Jennifer. But I try to not be hurt when the emotions run high when I expect people to be the friend I am. I’ve always been a stickler for “fair”. But I know… life isn’t fair.
      Thanks for the lovely comment, but more importantly your camaraderie.
      Lovely emotions here! 🙂


  1. Oh, I think He wants us to be right here in the middle of all the “messiness,” not separate from it. For we are His hands and feet and seed sowers, are we not?! His treasures are not to be hoarded and hidden from the masses but shared and taught. There are indeed those who spurn us and say and do hurtful things, but that bad behavior is theirs not ours and we don’t have to take it in or give it any place in or part of our lives. Jesus was always among the sinners and the “messiness” and that’s where I believe He wants us to be. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


    1. What I meant by all this is that we should separate how our flesh and mind wants to judge and even fall into the trap of conforming. I believe we are to be like Christ and for Christ in the world, but not of the world. That is the difference for me.

      I agree with you that we don’t have to give it a place in our lives. However, that is not always easy for us!
      Thanks for stopping by here too, Natalie!


  2. Awww, beautifully said!!! Personally, I had learnt to separate people from their sin and emotions and decisions from judgments through a hard way!! I’m paying a high price for having done that in the past.. But there is soooo much PEACE when we really do it!!!

    Im blessed reading this!!



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