Game On… Moving, Changes, and Curve Balls

{Some of you might get this twice – if you get my Wanderings emails too – but I didn’t want anyone to miss the exciting new stuff!}40YearWanderer_dot_com_108
That probably shocks some of you… the moving part? Not houses… again!… but email delivery systems. Or at least I am trying to do so. And you are coming with me! Mailchimp is awesome. I even use it for clients that I write for, but I think I found another system that will suit both my blog and these extra emails for Wanderings and the Live. Learn. Love. Online Gathering I am putting together. {To those of you signed up for that I have not forgotten! I am just working it all out… it isn’t easy. hee hee} The new system will allow me to have everything in one spot. Yay! For this busy gal, that would be a huge blessing.

How are you doing? It’s been a while since we chatted here, hasn’t it? I hope you are well. Some of you have blogs… and I read them… and are so blessed by them! Others do not. Or maybe we connect on Facebook – which is the only good reason for FB! Haha! My life has had some hard curve balls. We chatted about those before. I reread it to hear God speaking. Things have been hard, but I have His lap to rest my head on.

How are you dealing with the curve balls life is throwing you right now? Don’t have any?
Count it as a blessing of restful time! But I think the majority of us have a baseball game going on in our lives in which we feel more like the ball than a team mate. Am I right?

His lap, where my head rests perfectly.
His heart, beating for mine.
His eyes, fixed upon me.
His grace, wrapped around me like a warm blanket protecting me from life’s coldness.

Him ~ it’s all about Him.
He’s the ultimate, best friend.

Speaking of friends, I just wrote a post to introduce my good friend, David. He is joining me at 40YearWanderer as a guest writer. I am so very honored to have David’s heart wrapped into my blog for you to all to see. Trust me when I say his heart is all about Jesus.

There are so many new things happening for my blog and my ministry! I am über excited! God is certainly moving around here in this new year. I appreciate your prayers, and messages, and comments more than you could ever know. They keep me lifted high to all that He has to offer through me. I love you all dearly. I pray for you too. By name as the Lord leads. My heart is an open book and that is what my ministry is all about. Share life. Live. Learn. Love. Together.

One of the new things is a new section of my website called “Your Story”. I introduced these Glory Stories recently and the encouragement was huge and grand! The first story about how Drew O’Brien not only nearly died from a fall out of 30 foot tree and lived to tell the story, but how God can work through the most incredibly hard times to make a ministry as Drew has begun. If you have a Glory Story to tell, I’d love to hear about it. I am collecting them now and will add them to my website as God leads. You can submit them here!

~ Your Story ~
A Glory Story is what I call the things that happen in our lives that bring us to an experience with God that not only we can learn and grow from but others we tell can too. Miracles? Sure. Super exciting things that change our lives? Sure, that too! Just BIG GLORY STORIES!

And as I mentioned last time {and received a great response about!}, I will be sending out my posts through my Wanderings too. Maybe when I get this system changed that will all go smoothly through too. In the meantime I will send them as a Wanderings post.

Why is life so hard?
Well… because we let it be.

How to beat it?
Just love.

Kiss your peeps today! They love ya!

Live Blessed,20140207-102505.jpg



Walk the journey with me? That would be such a blessing!

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Mini conversations on Twitter.



9 thoughts on “Game On… Moving, Changes, and Curve Balls

  1. Jennifer says:

    I really enjoy reading your stuff. Thank you!

    Prayerfully considering if my story is a “glory story” to share…
    Noodling the idea of me “letting life be so hard.” :)


    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      I need those loving gestures my dear! I’ve been slow going lately because of this stupid illness – yet to figure out what it is exactly. :(
      I can’t tell you HOW MUCH I appreciate the connection with your heart and others on here and Facebook … They keep me lifted high.

      Hey, you should share a Glory Story! :)


      • Patty B says:

        God is good to unite His children through the internet – we may never meet in person in this earth but it will be a grand reunion in heaven!! ;) Hope you are doing much better. Continue blessings and prayers.


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