Emergent Church vs emerging church – different but not a lot.

I’m not personally in favor of what man’s hard and fast rules (outside Biblically sound ones) have done wrong to those who seek and live within denominational boundaries. At the same time, I see God working in denominations largely and always has to His glory. Inside those and non-denominational churches there will be misinterpretations and mistakes made by mankind.

I’m not against a true Believer taking the Gospel anywhere they are called to take it, even and especially outside the church building. In fact I favor it highly. Jesus certainly did.

And because we’ve been practically thrown into a post-modern world, I even understand and accept that newer methods are required to reach all.

BUT, if the Church – the true body of all Christ Followers – becomes so entrapped in that way and focus that they quit simply emerging into new places and become this new progressive entity focused on the task of regeneration of the Gospel in its entirety then all beware of false teachings.

That’s why I present a message of hope here that comes from the Word, and if I can’t find it in there then I’m not going to make an adamant statement on it for The Church.

I’ve been studying these “emergings.” Some of these Emergent Churches are teaching that Jesus was a socialist instead of a proper focus that we should help the poor – in heart and in money – because He told us to and to do so as we love one another. Some of these emerging churches teach that if you are okay with something – mostly political – then it’s fine even if it contradicts God’s Word.

I purposely used both capital and non-capitals to show that it can be very difficult to tell them apart … by design, I think… they make things as easy to be a part of as possible. They claim it is to love all in Christ. I’m all about that loving all in Christ part, and I support them in that wholeheartedly. But it can go the wrong way quickly when trying to appease.

Truly following Christ and telling the world is far from easy. Even Jesus said and showed that truth.

Beware fellow Christian… or I should maybe say… Be VERY aware.

Live Blessed,


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5 thoughts on “Emergent Church Vs. emerging church: Different but Not a Lot

  1. Heather, this is so well said. I love your focus on the Word of God and not on man’s word. Yes, we are to think outside the box–but not outside the Book. Good on you, sister.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


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