In the U.S., the world… Things are happening.

This past year has been filled with so much to discuss. But arguing over them? Words sting heavy and arguing is certainly no anti-venom. I see on the internet arguing among Believers that breaks my heart. Passion should never yield hate.

It is true that discussion needs to be had. But words need to be lovelier and lighter. They can heal.

It seems on every side of every issue there are passionate feelings that sometimes turn into stinging words. No, wait… it doesn’t seem that way… it IS that way. I’ve seen hateful comments on both sides of everything. Much of the time those come out of the mouths of those who are uneducated or wrongly educated on a topic… they’ve chosen to follow a crowd… with little to no knowledge of why they do so. They are good people making statements and decisions without knowing enough details. It’s easy to do! But lack of education is no excuse for unlovely or prideful comments.

There is something we should all strive to live by. I don’t find it easy sometimes I admit, but I know it is not impossible.

Love. One. Another.

Even in disagreement.

Like them? We are not called to “like” others. Some people are hard to like. I get it. But loving those around us that God created because He created them… that we are called to do. And we can do it.

We can all do it, because we can do ALL things through Christ Jesus.

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9 thoughts on “We Are Not Called to Like One Another

  1. Oh yeah…I remember saying this so many times to My Three Sons when they were growing up…”You don’t have to LIKE them, you just have to LOVE them!” They didn’t much LIKE that either, lol. Sometimes loving them is pretty hard! But that is what Christ called us to do and if He can love ME? Well…how can I do any less?

    Beautiful Heather. ♥


  2. While we may say we ‘love’ someone but not ‘like’ them I sometimes wonder how true that really is… having family we don’t like but love is easier I think that an acquaintance…. How does one really show love without liking ….i guess we overlook some things they say or do…or not gossip about them… but do we really love them? This was tough to write because I have often wondered where the fine line is….Diane


    1. It is hard, Diane! I think of it this way: would I lay down mine life (in various ways) for them if God asked? Yes, because I love them as His creation.
      But do I want to let them inside my everyday life if they are unlikeable. No. It would be toxic to my everyday. Never healthy.
      That helps me to remember to love. 🙂


      1. I would suppose even hope that I would try to protect someone to the point of laying down my life… as I believe that would be my first instinct… so in that sense yes I guess I love them …. As far though as ‘feeling love’ for a person I don’t like is a bit different. If I know for example that a friend of mine’s husband was treating her badly I don’t really feel that I could ‘feel love’ for him. I know the Bible says to love God and then others as we love ourselves and I like to think I try… but sadly I think I would fall short in certain instances…I’d maybe have to ask God to love them through me…. Diane


  3. It’s very hard to love people who are hateful and abusive but we should follow Jesus’ example and try to love everyone unconditionally. Loving someone is actually different than liking someone. Love is a much deeper and lasting feeling. Like comes and goes. For example, if your child misbehaves, you might not like them very much at that time and they need to be disciplined, but as a parent, you will still love them no matter what happens. So you can love someone and not always like them.

    God is our Father and He loves us unconditionally even though we often do things to hurt Him. He tells us many times in the Bible to love others because He knows that love is good for us and that it gives us power. The world needs more love. Love never fails.


  4. Well.. I truly like ALMOST everyone I’ve ever gotten to know. I certainly don’t always like everything about them for sure. And some of them irritate my rough edges more than others. Changing our perspective or viewpoint on how we see things and situations always helps to see others like Christ does. And although I truly don’t always follow my own advice and definitely fall prey to arguments and hurtful words.. I believe I strive to see where others are coming from and realize that those people’s life experiences have helped shape who they are and what they believe just like mine have shaped me and that their growth pattern and speed is not the same pattern and speed that I am experiencing necessarily. But alot of times when we are not ‘likeing’ someone.. (especially a ‘christian’) it has more to do with US then with them in many situations.. and we truly need to take stock of why we are offended and upset by their words or actions. We should really be focusing on why we are bothered at all by the fact that they don’t agree with us. Who said we were right anyways?! lol I believe that this is a sure way to love others. If you can reflect a moment on your motives and your offenses.. and just give them to God and then pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to the person if you truly believe their difference of opinion or their words or their actions are hurtful to them or others. MUCH easier said than done though indeed. 🙂 I have seen true change in people because of this. And this works with spouses too! Instead of nagging and demanding particular behavior.. praying for the Holy Spirit to change their heart and to open their eyes. It’s amazing!


    1. You are right, Michelle. Many times it is about our perspective. It is hard to see through emotions with great perspective. Although as much as I have witnessed and studied, I would have to add that it is almost never one sided and once the one who evaluates with God changes sometimes it hurts them worse to see the other hasn’t.

      I am glad you added this perspective to this conversation. Not liking people IS different than not liking things they do. Yes, much different!

      My blog post was geared mostly towards Christians who are on the tip of this revelation and those who have gone through this perspective change on a continual path with The Lord. To really understand the difference.

      And when it comes to those in the world that we simply do not like or completely disagree with we must remember to love them anyway. I see comments on the web all the time from those who claim to be Christians that are just awful. There’s no love in that. We all fight it at times, but voicing it makes that temptation harder to fight when it comes again.

      While we never are called to be perfect, we notice the difference between liking and loving. I hope that for all Christ followers. Some find it easy to love and even to like and others don’t.

      I always pray over my blog and posts that they be only what God wants and that they teach those who need it. Those who are ready to receive that particular thing… those things I’ve learned and that He gives me. And I always remember that I’m not finished yet as a Believer so I may have more changes in understanding ahead. 🙂


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