The most egregious offense perpetrated by humans is not murder, not theft, not greed, not malice.

The most egregious offense by any human is the denial of God who loves us, who made us, who died for us.

He waits. On each of us. Patiently. Waiting for us to accept His love.

Isn’t it offensive when you talk to someone, even answering a question they asked you, only to be ignored by them? Other conversations in the room draw their attention heavily.

You feel unimportant… As if you don’t matter. Sometimes it is as if you aren’t even there. I have felt that. Sometimes it is predictably with the same people over and over. It hurts.

So that makes me think about how God must feel when pay more attention to what’s going on around us. It must be offensive.

I don’t want to be offensive to You, God. Please forgive me when I have.


Live Blessed,


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