If believers are willing to deny God’s Word in Genesis regarding the formation of the earth and its inhabitants, that opens the door for them to not believe God’s Word concerning the miracle of the Resurrection or the Virgin Birth. Christians can’t pick and choose what they want to believe. Either they fully believe God or they don’t. Or I maybe should say they should believe God and every thing He said.

If God said it, then God means it. I came to that Truth in my life after I messed around. I was deceived by much in the world. Yes, I even entertained some of the arguments made by the world. A world that doesn’t believe God is real much less that He cares for us enough to die for us. While I don’t know everything about God and how He does things, including creation, I’m willing to shout out that Truth:

If God said it, He meant it.

If a Christ Follower – a Believer, a Christian – is willing to believe one explanation from the world than how do they believe anything the Bible says?

I contend the answer is simple: they don’t actually read it themselves. At least not with the intent of allowing God to tell them.

If God says it, then He means it.

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2 thoughts on “If God Says it, He Means It

  1. Ah, you would be addressing the “Cafeteria Chrisitans” that pick and choose what want to believe in God’s Word. I’ve often wondered what criteria they use for that seemingly random set of beliefs. Great post, Heather. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

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