True and ultimate freedom does not mean everyone should be free to do whatever they want and please. If a power takes things away to ensure “freedom” then we aren’t truly free.

“FREEDOM” has been interchangeably used with a desired “RIGHT”. And that isn’t right. If it were right, then Janis Joplin was correct – “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

But we’ve got a lot to lose. And we’re losing it. Who knows when we will lose the freedom to own a Bible? Think we are immune from such atrocious assaults on freedoms? Think that type of stuff only happens in extremist countries or regimes?

Double-speak is all the norm today. Take a word. Take it away from its original source and twist the meaning completely. Then use it all the time in the new way and speak past tense so people are fooled into thinking it always meant that. I italicized the word thinking because that’s why people are fooled. They are letting someone else do their thinking for them. That’s how a populous of people cease to exist. That’s how freedoms are taken away.

It’s time to wake up and read His Word for ourselves. I have been guilty of it and learned many lessons the hard way.

Read it about every subject. Every decision.

Know where God stands. Our freedoms… those God given ones… they are in danger.


Live Blessed,


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3 thoughts on “Freedom’s Just Another Word {Victim to Double Speak}

  1. Great post, Heather! Very thought-provoking! You are SO right. The definition of freedom (according to the Bible and morality) is having the right to choose between right and wrong, but, in a truly free society, those choices are not considered equal as they are now treated in most of the so-called “free world.”


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