How much does God love each of us? Enough to save us from ourselves. He sees us with pure love.

Pure love… even though from His vantage point, He sees people who label His Son (conservative, socialist, liberal, Republican, Democrat, black, white, Catholic, Protestant, this list goes on far too long).

And as Father, He also sees people label Him and misquote His words, and put a twist on what He clearly said for their own gain and agenda… all while disrespecting His Holy Spirit.

So because we can not all be right at the same time about who we think God is, nor is it right to try, we should all stop trying to figure God out and just go with who He tells us He is.

I had much about God wrong many times in my life. It happened when I took a stance or made a decision without asking Him. It happened when I harshly judged myself and didn’t accept grace.

Every religion has much about God wrong. Every religion. No one, not one group or one leader, knows everything there is to know about God. We cannot possibly figure God out completely, understand God entirely, or keep God in a box. Those who try are simply fooling themselves. It gets even more dangerous when they fool others. When anyone changes what the Bible actually says or leaves parts out or twists it to fit an agenda… a danger lurks. It enters and sets in.

Christians have a big, BIG problem on their hands… and in their hearts. The world looks in and sees that if we change the Bible around to suit our lives, especially when we try to befriend what the world has to offer, then they see us as people who compromise and ultimately go against what we are taught by God’s word. How are we supposed to show people Christ if we can’t get it right?

We need to seek Him. Daily. Every situation. Every decision. Every problem. Every wonderful thing. Every day. We need to seek what He wants… not what we want. On our own we just aren’t able to love like He does, so we have to go to the source.

We have to get God out of the box. And put the label gun away.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” – Isaiah 55:8-9

How much does God love each of us? Enough to save us from ourselves. He sees us with pure love.

Live Blessed,


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5 thoughts on “Pointing Your Gun at God? {Your Label Gun That Is}

    1. Hi Natalie,
      I’m thinking it might be something messing up in your browser. It looked fine on my browser so I messaged my mom to have her check. She says it looks fine on her end. I’ll keep checking, but this is new to me! I’m so very sorry.
      If you’d like to read them via email, I know that you can log out WordPress and go to my homepage and sign up to follow via email. Then you can log back in. Actually, logging out and seeing if that post looks jumbled might be a clue to a problem. Wish I had an answer. Thanks for letting me know.



      1. I’ve long been convinced that there are gremlins living out there in cyberspace, and they always seem to be especially active around holidays. I’m so glad you replied back so I could check it again and find your post. Have a blessed day, Heather. God is in His heaven and may all be right in your world today. Natalie 🙂


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