My being healed is personal. By that, I mean it was a deeply personal experience with God. My God … who has the master plan. Yes, I was healed. Completely. Yes, I’ve had different illnesses and pain since that day in June of 1997. But of that brain disease, that depression, that fearful pain filled life, I was completely healed.

I accept when His plan does not reveal a healing in my life. But His glory is ever present when I share how He healed me.

I remember that night like it was last night.

In a moment. In an instant. A prayer.
One which took belief and faith on my part.

That’s where it becomes hard for some Believers to understand.

And that’s where those who don’t believe in God really bow out. Some even taking offense.

I still am unclear why so many take offense to something they don’t believe exists. If someone is slamming it in their face, then I get going on the defense. But so many go after Christians like it is their duty to refute. Problem is they have no one making that their duty. But the conviction makes some of them take offense and attack first.

Whatever their reasoning for taking full offense does not matter. They don’t believe. That’s it. They don’t believe.

They don’t believe in a love so strong that it worked purpose in my pain and in my healing. They don’t believe in a love so full of grace that I could be healed. They don’t believe in a love so strong that I would want nothing else but to love back.

You see? That’s the blessing in the depressing. We can love God back because He loved us first.

I can love God back. I would want nothing different than to love the One who loved me and refused to leave me where I was when I found Him.

Live Blessed,


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6 thoughts on “Healing: Take a Blessing from the Depressing

  1. I believe! I believe! Oh how I believe….and isn’t it wonderful that it doesn’t matter whether anyone else believes or not? He still heals, still delivers, still saves and still loves unconditionally And if He never heals us of anything again? He is still God. Awesome Heather. So happy for you.


  2. Yes, it is so great that God never leaves us alone and is always there when we ask Him for help. We are so undeserving of His love but He loves us anyway. I was also healed from a lifetime struggle with depression. God reached down and picked me up when I had totally given up on life and gave me the strength to overcome my pain and dependence on medication. Now I no longer need any meds to get through each day, instead I take God medicine and it fills me with peace and joy. God is so amazing!!!


  3. You know, I sometimes think those who are so quick to attack and refute don’t because they can’t or won’t accept a power greater than their own ego! Or that maybe they really want to believe but are convinced it’s too late for them and so they’ll just deny it and hope theirs no truth in it. Whatever it is, I’m so glad he pulled me out of the hole I was digging for myself.
    I didn’t deserve, still don’t, but thank goodness, He loves many any way. I did try to walk away from Him, but Christ is too commanding and disturbing a reality to be ignored and dismissed. Grace and peace to you, Theresa. I’m so glad we’ve found each other. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


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