I believe wholeheartedly that so much of our life happiness and moving more successfully within God’s plan all comes down to choice. Every choice we make comes with a consequence – either good or bad, success or mistake, progress or digress. As I’ve said many times here,

It’s all in the choice.

God even gives us each the choice to follow Him or not. He could run us like robotic underlings, but He doesn’t because He loves us and wants us to choose Him.

Here’s the thing about choice. It’s always easier to make a choice with the info we need right there, the answer laid out for us ahead of time, and knowing how we will feel afterwards.

We can know all of those things if we just remember … His presence is always surrounding us. He has all the info we need to get through. He has the path ready for us, the answer is already waiting ahead. And feeling? He promises is His peace. It’s joy unspeakable.

Every little choice you make should be made knowing God is right there. He will never leave you nor forsake you. So choose to include Him. He’s waiting.

Live Blessed,


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