we have to have a voice


In a matter of 40 years, but mostly in the last 15 and especially in the last 5, we have lost so much and are being turned into what, I ask?

  • Teachers are leaving their positions because of Common Core – the program designed in a way that will leave every student just that … “common” … as this senior in high school (below) puts it… “robots”.


  • Doctors are leaving medicine because of the AHA – which is in no way affordable and is designed in a way that will leave citizens scrambling for the care they need just to stay alive and healthy.


  • Babies are being killed in the name of “freedom” – and I used quotes because the sexual revolution is no freedom, neither is trying to make a wrong thing (rape) “right” by wiping away the child who deserves a choice as well.


  • Children are growing up to be taught that relativism is right and whatever you do is okay as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else… unless that is for a “good cause”.


  • True freedoms are being assaulted left and right – including freedom of religion… the one thing that they on the liberal side cry out should be protected when it is anything other than Christianity.

When are we all going to open our eyes to what is slowly being perpetrated here – but moving up rather quickly in speed of detriment? All that is good is being attacked. Are you ready?

That is “what in the world is going on”.  And we have to have a voice.

Live Blessed,


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9 thoughts on “Are We Going to Open Our Eyes in Time? (AKA – What in the WORLD is Going On?)

  1. We have been quiet, far too long. As a result, we have allowed those who would oppose our beliefs, to dictate our way of life. They view good as bad, and bad as good. The Lord told us to occupy until His return. Why aren’t we doing so? We need not fear, for God is on our side. With His ever loving presence, we can conquer that mountain. Blessings.


  2. We’re currently watching the Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit from April. We only see the very tip of a very, very large iceberg…and it seems to be headed our way. I’m so thankful that the Lord has everything well in hand.

    If MY PEOPLE which are called by My name shall humble themselves, and pray, and turn from their wicked ways. Lord, help us to be the ones who will do so that You may yet heal our land.



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