I don’t know who Matt Chandler is but this statement is DEAD ON RIGHT. I know many people today want to read and “apply” Scripture to what drives them (agenda) and make it fit what they want to – even to the point of saying they aren’t. WATCH OUT for that because that is called “rewriting” and God speaks to that in His Word.

Now I firmly believe that no one can interpret every word or phrase perfectly because we are human. We have and will continue to misunderstand parts. I’ve changed my beliefs in the past because my understandings were shown by God to be wrong. But misunderstanding a Scripture verse is FAR from changing the Word of God to read like a history book that we should learn from in the context of agenda. That’s one step out from “Jesus was a good teacher but not the Savior, not God”.

I can’t figure out why Christians say they believe something when they have not consulted God’s Word on the subject. That’s a rough one for me to get. Most every topic and issue we encounter in our lives is addressed in the Holy Bible.

{update: I do get it to the point that I used to be in years ago- saying I believe something without checking because in my heart I didn’t care enough to find out what God thought about it. In all honesty, I can’t think of another reason why people don’t.}

And to go to Scripture to find something that can be taken out of context or, worse yet, twisted to fit a belief – that’s dangerous territory even for a Christian to be in.

Lord, let me never go to Your Word with the intent to find what fits an agenda other than Your own. Forgive me if I have, even if unknown to me, and show me when others are so I can discern.

Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar. ~ Proverbs 30:6

God does not give the right to anyone to teach what is not in Scripture as if it is found in Scripture. I’ve seen time and time again, a teaching that quotes outside sources and cherry picks Scripture to prove the “teacher’s” point and not God’s point.

Don’t hear me wrong. I’m not saying we won’t misunderstand Scripture in some cases depending on many factors – life experience, non clarity on certain modern topics, etc – because we are human and misunderstanding things might be our greatest perfection as people.

Live Blessed,


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8 thoughts on “What Does Scripture Say?

  1. I agree, his statement is right. Too many people are teaching their own view and using selected parts of the Bible as a backup instead of teaching directly from the Bible. This is dangerous and only creates false truths leading people to go in the wrong direction. Until I started reading and studying the Bible a few years ago, I was guilty of believing a lot of lies that I had heard from family, friends and church leaders. The Bible is definitely hard to understand but we just have to keep studying directly from The Word and learn what we can.

    FYI – I looked up Matt Chandler – he is the lead pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, TX. He has been there for 7 years and the congregation has grown from 160 to over 5000 including 2 satellite campuses. He is involved in church planting locally and internationally. I love to hear about these pastors who are passionate about God and are reaching people every day right where they are, just as our own awesome pastor is doing here in the region of Niagara Canada!


    1. I agree Brenda! I also love to hear about these growing churches of people hungry for what God has for them. 🙂

      Thank you so much for taking the time to look that up. I usually do but didn’t get a minute to do so yet. His statement just struck me as the same thing I am so passionate about – go ask God; don’t guess or take everything as truth.

      Even things that are truly uplifting like “God don’t give me more than I can handle” has been misquoted. I wrote about that once :


      I just want everyone to experience the full truth of God!
      Thanks for sharing!!
      Bless you.


  2. Great article Heather! I saw a “Jabez” license plate they other day. I remembered the prayer of Jabez craze some time back, where everywhere you went you saw or heard about the prayer from 1 Chron,4:8-9. Had the book never been written, 99.999% of believers would have never knew it existed. The Word of the Lord doesn’t speak to you unless you actually read it. Wrong doctrine or interpretation comes when it is read for dispute, or to prove your right and everyone else wrong. Traditional knowledge, or what your heritage or church believes gives us a view of man’s understanding about God, not a personal loving friendship with Abba.
    Jesus nailed it when he said that they that hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled. And Ps 119 said the entrance of the Word gives light, and understanding to the simple. when we live Christ-centered and desire Him, He doesn’t allow us to be led astray by doctrines of devils taught by greedy men seeking gain. But if we do not seek Him out through the Word and prayer, we can remain spiritual babes, preacher chasers, and duped out of time, money, and spiritual growth. Thanks for the post.


    1. Keith, you are a blessing!
      Yes, I feel that hunger and thirst. I wish all did! And I still don’t read it as much as I’d like to. I would love to see the whole world go on a full sprint after God.

      I remember that Janez prayer – I had the book. 2001. I remember it! I still pray … Even over this blog… That God might expand and bless my territory.

      Bless you my friend in your writing as well!


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