There is a Light… In the world… Fading…Dimming…Going out. A Light that gives so much Love and Grace and Forgiveness that it overwhelms and restores. But that light isn’t disappearing nor is it fading on its own. No. It fades because people are closing their eyes. It disappears because heads are turning away from the Love that it emanates. The Light is being hidden behind the clamping shut of eyes.

I was reading some stats recently, and a few articles, about whether or not the number of Christians in the world has been declining. The most interesting view point { I can’t recall where the article was or I’d share it. I read A LOT!} was one in which the author shared that he didn’t believe the numbers were indeed diminishing, but instead they were merely shifting based on the notion that people who had never truly lived their life for Christ – didn’t have a personal relationship with Him – were finally just speaking that out publicly and leaving the church. So the premise was that “pretend” Christ followers were never truly Christian to begin with if they’ve come to a point that they choose to publicly decline or deny Christ.

Now, this speaks to me equally regarding the “eye clamping shut” problem – there is just as much problem within the church as without the church. Might many of the true Christ Followers have their eyes only open a slit? So as not to see the Light shining Love on the people growing up in the church and never hearing the true, ever loving salvation of Jesus?


Now it’s obvious that there are numerous people throughout history – you may know some – that did hear the Gospel in truth and still chose to clamp their eyes and heart shut. Choosing to squeeze out the Light. That’s between that person and God. All salvation is between the person and God.

But what if we’ve been just “doing” church? Not loving every soul as the Church like we should.

What if that failing has caused this global “clamping shut” eye-syndrome?

And because I know a ton of Believers that have gotten very serious about loving God and loving others, I think it’s actually harder these days for people to just “do” church.

I also have to say I believe that the number of global eye-clamping could be growing.

Perhaps… maybe on both sides.

The question is:

What are we gonna’ do about it?

Live Blessed,


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2 thoughts on “Clamp Your Eyes Shut … Still See the Light?

    1. Yes, Diane. You DO LIVE THAT LIFE! 🙂
      I long for all Believers to live as an example pointing to Christ and His salvation gift, His love, His grace. The global problem is that many just “get saved” and living the life, His plan isn’t even considered. And some who consider it, consider it at their convenience.


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