“I Chose You” Anniversary

20 Years ago Today.

I’m thankful I married my love 20 years ago today. Thankful he woke me up today with a shower of kisses, ‘I love you’s, and ‘Happy Anniversaries’. I’m thankful that we came through all the horrific things and him nearly dying with more love and grace for each other. I’m thankful … for 20 years of him choosing me every day.

True Love.

I’ve written about it before.

He chooses me everyday.

Marriage isn’t easy. You have to try and work hard at it. Whoever says marriage is easy has never been married I’d guess. But that’s not to say it isn’t worth the effort. Because we choose each other every day, it is like God’s grace anew for us each day. God chose us.

We weren’t born to each other as husband and wife. We aren’t blood related. We chose each other. We continue to choose each other. We don’t give up easily or even after a struggle.

I’ve had many friends go through the devastation of divorce. It’s a horrible thing. Sometimes to be safe it has to happen. That’s abandonment by the abuser. Abandon of love for hate.

Sometimes though, most times, people consciously choose to abandon the love for other things. I’m not speaking to anything here but that choice to abandon: someone gave up on the other one first. They un-chose. One decision, one thing, one fall to temptation and the un-choosing began a spiral that led to divorce. If the one had tried as hard to love and choose as the other one, and the “un-choosing” had never taken place… we’d have far, far less divorce.

There were a few times in our marriage that we nearly un-chose. That towel got thrown in early on, but we both kept a smidge hold on it. We decide no matter how much bitterness or hatred or anger or disappointment we were feeling, it was a fact that God didn’t want for us to un-choose each other.

I’m so glad we didn’t. Things got even harder later on – 5 1/2 years ago to be exact – but that “hard” was actually easier to deal with when we knew the truth – that we could not un-choose each other. That was an excruciatingly hard time too. It’s easier sometimes to un-choose and walk away. But no.

We chose. Each other. And our marriage deliverance and restoration was unbelievably beautiful.

Beautiful. To celebrate ALL 20 years. Even the hard and excruciatingly hard.

Happy “I Chose You” Anniversary, My Love ~ Heather



23 thoughts on ““I Chose You” Anniversary

  1. imconfident says:

    Congrats on making it through 20 years! Marriage is definitely hard, but way too many people just give up today. It takes work to make anything successful and marriage takes a tremendous amount of effort. I’ve been tempted to give up a few times but God has given me the strength to keep going and we are at 38 years right now. Hoping you have many more years together! God bless!


  2. writerwannabe763 says:

    You’re right … marriage takes hard work. In our difficult challenges we too had the times where we had to make that one decision… consider our marriage ‘until death do us part’… or something that could be discarded because it was just too much to handle…. We also decided to persevere and because we decided to stay together there is not th chance anymore that we will be think even about ‘un-choosing!….. Diane


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