Double, Triple… No Post? Confused. LOL (Yes I Do Laugh Out Loud!)

I’m trying this post again since I’m not sure how well it went out. I’ve had a lot of trouble with my WordPress lately… Especially my reader. I can’t even comment on your blogs many times.

:( Some posts show up 3 times and some don’t show up at all!

I have a favor to ask you. I’ve got one I can return.

I’m still not sure whether I will self-publish my books or let a publisher do the work. I have been trusting and believing God that he will do it His way. I appreciate all the people waiting to read both of them, because your support means so much. I don’t even know most of you personally, but you’ve chosen to encourage me with your heart. I am eternally grateful.

I just want the books to lead people to the knowledge that God loves them exponentially and has a plan for them. And for those who already have that relationship, I pray they encourage those to draw nearer to God.

Would you help me out? If you could like my FB pages for both books and send me your email address (you can use that contact link on my blog or on my FB pages) I will get you a free copy when I’m done. If you aren’t on FB, contact me too so I can get you a copy as well. :)

My Main Page: Heather Mertens – Author {And I Heard Him Say}

My Q&A Book Page: Live. Learn. Love. ~ Q&A for the Soul
You all make my life a big smile!

Live Blessed,


Walk the journey with me? That would be cool.

Conversations on FB.

Mini conversations on Twitter.


“When a life is touched, a life is changed. Sometimes that life is changed so drastically that it must speak.” ~ Heather


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