With all the arguing going on over the web by Christians (arguing … among us … way more harmful than letting kids dress up in appropriate costumes and go to trusted places for candy), I thought I’d share this very appropriate response from the blogger The Humbled Homemaker on Facebook today. I’ve included it below after the asterisks.

I don’t agree with letting children go to a stranger’s door and beg for candy (yeah – that makes no sense after we teach them about stranger danger to be safe in this crazy world) and I certainly do not agree with the gory crud or glorifying evil or playing around with skeletons, and murder-jokes, and the like. I do agree with what she says. Dressing up and sharing candy treats among trusted people or at a church festival … as long as the costume is not celebrating evil, I think it’s okay.

I understand that most people like the idea of masquerade balls and dressing up – especially children who like to play dress ups. It’s fun! But who has masquerade balls anymore? Maybe we should. It might quell that part of our fun nature without falling into the “haunted” part of this day. That is just not glorifying God in any way. And isn’t that what we are called to do?


****a FB post by The Humbled Homemaker *****

So after much thought and prayer, this is how we decided to spend today:

We let our girls dress up in superhero costumes: Wonder Woman, SuperGirl and Bat Girl. This was hubby’s decision. Since we don’t have any boys (yet), he says this is the closest thing he can get to having his kids dress up in costumes like he did as a kid.

This morning our 5-year-old mentioned some of the scary decorations on our neighbor’s houses. We talked about how some people see this as a day to celebrate evil, but we know that “this is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Albeit in my tone deaf way, I sang them the song.

I told them that some people do not know Jesus. My 5-year-old melted my heart when she said: “Mommy, I know! Maybe we can tell our neighbors about him! We can teach them about Jesus!!”

We decided that we will take the girls to a very small number of houses this evening: our good friend down the street, a couple from our church, and the neighbors immediately surrounding us with whom we are already trying to build relationships.

We will then come back to the house and brace ourselves for an onslaught of neighborhood kids, and we live in a large subdivision. I bought some candy at ALDI USA (and I admit: It’s not organic. I can’t afford to feed the entire neighborhood organic candy!!!) as well as some apple cider. We will hand out the candy with Scripture cards attached to the candy and apple cider to the parents. We’ve asked some friends from church to join us.

We hope our neighbors will see a light in us. So that’s us: We’re celebrating today as a day in which the Lord has made–because He HAS. And we are hoping to be missional with our neighbors–to show them that the world is dark but there is a huge LIGHT of this world for those who accept it.



4 thoughts on “The Lord Made This Day Too

  1. When we raised our children we did let them go and ‘shell out” They were not gory evil costumes ….and there was no celebration of ‘evil’.. It was treated as a dress-up and yes… candy seeking adventure through our neighbourhood. I felt that it was an innocent thing… Only my thoughts on the subject…. Diane


    1. You know, I have been on both sides of this debate. That’s why I looked into my soul and consulted God.

      I actually dressed up as a vampire when I was a kid. God knows my heart and sees I don’t like it now. I actually thought about not letting my child dress up at all when she was little but gee… Why do that? As long as it wasn’t the vampire, and was instead a Disney princess usually! 🙂

      I know I’ve wrestled with what I have come to feel is “okay” and God doesn’t. Quite frankly I think if most Christians who really care what God thinks were to allow/do those “okay” things with Him standing next to them while they did it they’d feel some level of guilt. Not from condemnation but from the Presence of God.

      I’m reevaluating my “okays” in this part of my life. That’s for sure.

      Thanks for the conversation, Diane. I agree with you, friend. It’s that evil stuff that should be seen as non-innocent.


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