I went to bed last Thursday night one year older than the night before. I don’t really like to think of life in terms of time spent and possible time left. Unless I’m thinking thankful about how the time spent was lived for purpose. I smiled that night about the birthday greetings I received. I smiled about how I have a wonderful life and wonderful people to share it with. Then my heart smiled, because I remembered all that love is because of this…


What reminds you of His love?

Live Blessed,


10 thoughts on “Older and More Love Found

  1. There are so many times i am reminded of His love…. to look back and realize how He has been with me through blessings and struggles… especially the darkness of depression… But also when I see a baby or small child with the innocence He created them with… ‘love’ in the purest form… Diane


      1. Diane and Cheryl
        I agree with you both. And since we all 3 have struggled with depression – although at different times in our lives – we can each see the love of Christ on the other side of it. I actually think we may, because of it, have a special and unique perspective of His love.
        I count that as a double blessing.


        1. Yeah, God’s love is amazing! I often have people comment on my perspective of God’s love, saying they wished they had it. My answer is usually, God took me on an incredible journey. He rescued me from darkness. I am very thankful for all of the God kisses and cuddles He gave me during a very dark time in my life. My hope is that they would come to know the love God has for them – it’s endless, beautiful, secure, it gives and is life.


      1. Life took an interesting turn this year. We’ve had three deaths in our family, the woman I was caring for on hospice went Home on the 18th, and another friend will be headed that way in the next week or two. I never thought I’d be a “portal keeper” for the Lord, attending folks as they slip through the veil…but that appears to be my new “calling.” Oh me! (No, I’m not a nurse, just an attendant – everyone asks!)

        I’ll have to e-mail you with the particulars to this last assignment. The Lord’s hand was all over it…bringing healing to me and comfort for the family. He’s amazing!

        May this day be filled with love, light, and laughter for you and yours. 🙂



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