Tomorrow never comes.
It’s always today. A new day filled with grace from God. A gift of a new day is always grace filled.

If not for the grace of God…

We could really fill that sentence in about a million different ways couldn’t we? But no matter how I fill it in, I find His grace in one place ~ in His heart as He wraps His love around me. I won’t quit cuddling in His lap. I won’t stop falling asleep in His arms during my prayer. He hears the beating of my heart as my mind races to fight off the sleep that wants to take over. I cuddle up to Him … knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt … that His arms are always open. And that all I have is today.

There is a good reason Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow. Why worry about something that never comes?

Choose to cuddle. The effect is total grace.

Live Blessed my friends. You are loved.

Live Blessed,


6 thoughts on “Cuddle Into Him Lately?

  1. Reblogged this on Words From a Feather and commented:
    I love the thought of being able to cuddle up to my Heavenly Father. Just as it has always been with my parents here on earth, God wraps me in His arms. Here I am safe, and His love and grace covers me like the wings of a mother swan keeping her babies safe and warm. I choose to cuddle. 🙂


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