Are there times in your life that God seems extremely silent or hidden? It might be difficult to fathom sometimes, but He is always working behind the scenes for those who follow Him. His plan is always in action.

During a Hidden Time –

~ Keep calling out to God. Crying when necessary, thanking Him always.

~ Continue to worship Him. Telling God you love Him over and over will set your heart’s gaze upon Him.

~ Keep doing what He’s already taught you.

~ Stay in God’s Word.

~ Don’t separate yourself from others. Loneliness breeds doubt.

~ Know that it is a time of growth and look for every opportunity that arises to bless someone else.

~ Focus on God and forget the rest.

Practice all the above and add in:
Always seek Him. Do what you feel He’d have you do in a situation if you hear no clear answer. He’s got your back. Always.

Live Blessed,


8 thoughts on “What To Do When God Seems Silent

  1. Wow, wow, wow! That was just what I needed to refresh my soul! You touched my heart, dear friend! I always read your posts, but do not always comment. So, just so you know, KEEP WRITING! I thank God for our friendship! Hope you are enjoying your new home!

    Counting my blessings, Sue Ann


  2. Heather, This is so good – so practical. One that is often forgotten is “Don’t separate yourself from others. Loneliness breeds doubt.” So true, and it is the first thing we do – hide from the Lord and hide from our brothers and sisters. You are so right that it breeds doubt.

    Thank you – great post.



    1. Thanks, Ben. I heard my Pastor speak on some of these things once and took a few notes. After I studied my notes, I thought about how I had done the things I shouldn’t. Especially that part about isolating myself. I remembered back to when I did it when I was making bad and sinful choices and pushed God away. Those times too can make God seem silent.

      All that thinking about my past, spurred me to really think on those and add to the list the “why” and the “how”.

      I think it isn’t a bad thing to follow “practical” steps to a better spiritual relationship with Christ. If only we knew these things early on.


      1. Amen… thanks Heather… It’s ‘coincidental’ (not) that last night I decided to read a devotional I get online… (but don’t always read) and it spoke about a child who was harboring bitterness and how to pray for that child.. Well that is precisely what is keeping us and our ‘daughter’ who is over 40 but still our ‘child’ of course …keeping us apart ..her choice’…. So my husband and I will begin to pray every day for her bitterness to leave and for Satan to not have influence over her and the situation… I just thought I would tell you that….Diane


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