Wonder what your life’s purpose is? What you were born to do? There might be a few things God has planned for you.

I too once wondered about my purpose. I was WANDERING around my purpose.

That is why I named my blog 40YearWanderer… in reference to my wandering just as the Israelites wandered in the dessert for 40 years. They really caused that themselves. We do the same thing. Our “dessert” maybe isn’t as physically hot, but the decisions we make can really turn the heat up, can’t they?

It wasn’t until I neared 40 years of age myself (a few years ago) that I finally got it. Even though I had given my life to Christ at a young age, I was CHOOSING the wandering just like the Israelites did – doubting God, giving in to the “day in day out” complacency of life. If you go back through my blog you’ll see what I realized:

When I made a choice to follow God’s path every time, He revealed more and more of my personal purpose.

We are all called to the main purpose – to accept the gift of salvation from Christ for eternal life with our loving God and to share the good news of that gift with others. Our individual purpose is then based around that while using the talents, gifts, and skills God has given to us.

Everyone should continue searching until they focus continually on the relationship – the intimate friendship – with Christ. That, and only that, opened the eyes of my heart and soul to question no more and walk confidently in MY life purpose.

Questions to ask yourself and God about your purpose:

Does my life’s purpose line up with God’s truth?

Do I seek Him in every detail?

Do I look for every opportunity to live within my purpose in God’s plan?

Does my purpose bless others?

Ask. You shall receive. Find your life’s purpose!

Live Blessed,


8 thoughts on “What’s the Purpose?

  1. You are right. Most of us wander around for most of our lives before we find out what our purpose is and sadly many of us never even get there. I was 58 before I finally realized what God had in store for me. If we would just look to God, our searching would be over.


  2. So happy to see you getting back in the groove. I’ve missed our wanderings…we always find ourselves wrapped up in Him so its all good. Great questions at the end. Will chew in them this week to help me stay focused. Love you lady.


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