The Funny

This is too funny not to share. It’s often the funny in life that keeps us sane. I would not be “Heather” if it were not for the funny.

I love to make others laugh. Always have.

I love to laugh. Always have.

So the man I ended up living life with really needed to be a lover of the funnies too. And… he is!

So if you need a laugh… here you go.

We were shopping in a department store – a two level one which means I meander looking for bargains … don’t you?! We both had to use the restroom at the same time. We do many things at the same time. ALL. THE. TIME.

They say after years and years of marriage two people start to look alike and act alike and think alike. Well, okay.

I started getting chin hairs… yay hormones … to which my daughter informed me meant I was “turning into dad” – ha ha funny.

We certainly act alike because we love to be goofy together. {{Whew!!!! THANKFUL!}}

And the thinking alike … well that could use some perfecting {{catch that? ;) }} – but I do see it happening more and more. But not that night. The night the restroom adventure became our “funny”.

So we both headed to the restroom area. We both followed the same short hall together to the appropriate restroom doors. I get done with the business at hand and walk out down the hall to the area right outside the restrooms.

I wait.

And I wait.

And wait.

And then I think. “He’s slow, but not that slow. He must have went browsing. So I head off into the store through the clothing department, then the purse department {got side tracked here for a bit … what?!?!}, the shoe department {big time sidetracked … need I really say more?}, and then back to the restroom area.

I’m thinking to myself by now… “Is he sick?”

I couldn’t go in obviously, so I decided to call him on my phone. If I heard the ring echo from the restroom, I’d know he was still in there.

I hear a ring. But no echo from the bathroom hall???

“Hello?” he answered as if maybe I wasn’t really calling. “I was just getting ready to call you. Are you done? I’ve been waiting out here.”

“Huh? I’ve been waiting for you. Wait a minute. Where are you?”

“I am right outside the bathroom. Where are you?”

“Well, I walked around for a bit but I waited here before and after. Right outside the bathrooms. How could we both …”

Turns out he was a few feet away the whole time on the other side of a clothing display! Here we were waiting right near each other for 10 minutes and didn’t even realize it!

So we are talking and walk right up to each other. Laughing. Oh, yes, laughing out loud.

20130812-224921.jpg{{This is us on any given day!}}

I still laugh about that and the countless other goofy things we do together. Sure, we’ve had our cruddy moments like all couples do. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we didn’t? But it’s the funny moments that make those others sink into the crevasses of marriage-dom. It’s the funnies that I treasure.

I’m certain ~ without a doubt ~ that God is the creator of funny. We are made in His image after all… emotions too. I’m looking forward to eternal laughter. How about you?

Live Blessed,


7 thoughts on “The Funny

  1. melanie jean juneau says:

    Thomas MERTEN (Trappist Monk) when asked if there was a way to tell if a person has gone through inner transformation,
    “It is very difficult to tell but holiness is usually accompanied with a wonderful sense of humour”


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