To all those who’ve asked about and prayed for my husband since his accident last week – THANK YOU! We treasured every email, comment, text message, and phone call. We’ve felt your love!

He got his stitches out yesterday. He is healing well. Glass cut marks nearly everywhere, but he is doing great. He found out it was 8 large pieces of glass that fell on him while he was holding one. THAT is the only one that actually broke! Probably around 160 lbs of glass fell on him.

Miracles, friends. Miracles.

I’ve been thinking about love. True love. How it lives and breathes in my life.

I found this picture of my husband while packing. Finding lots of goodies while we pack to move at the end of this month. I think this was about 7 years ago, maybe 10! My how quickly time passes.


I can’t begin to tell in words the depth of my love for this man.


We will celebrate 20 years of marriage on Nov. 5th. My brother and his wife celebrated 15 years this year and my parents celebrated 35 years this week! Because we love.

Oh, how I love this man. Oh, how happy I am for his miracles. They belong to me, too. He belongs to me. He’s my TRUE LOVE.

I found him whom my soul loves. 💞 {Song of Solomon 3:4}

Love those in your life. Love truly, my friends. And Love Honestly. There’s nothing else like it.

Live Blessed,


16 thoughts on “My Husband’s Miracles – True Love

    1. Thank you my friend! We’ve experienced so many miracles. I’m thankful beyond measure. 🙂
      This all has kept me so busy that I haven’t got my Wanderings out from last week. I will do that this weekend.
      God is laying it in my heart about mundane lives.
      Later my friend!


    1. You’ve got a great memory! It is not the same one. He’s actually had 3 this year. 😦 But you are right, back on Memorial Day he cut his left leg on a fork lift blade. Stitches. But healed great. His body heals quickly. But this was just a miracle – 8 pieces of large window glass fell on him while he was holding one. Only that one broke! Miracles in a fallen world. We’ve experienced so many!
      He’s healing great. Looks like a child’s dot to dot puzzle from where all the little pieces of glass marked him.
      I told him he was forbidden to get hurt again… Forever! HAHAHA!


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