Living a mundane, day-in day-out life? Look for God in every moment. I mean that quite literally. Look for opportunities to live that way and He will bless you beyond belief.


Wondering how to live that kind of “God, what do you want?” life? Here’s how.

My husband was in a terrible accident a few days ago. Large heavy window glass came falling out of truck right on top of him as he was unloading it. He was holding a piece at the time. That force shoved him to the ground and he had glass pieces in him everywhere.

Poor guy. He’s had a *few* accidents in life and nearly died from meningitis. I think we’ve had enough hospital visits to last us a lifetime.

He was taken to the ER {the same ER where he was 2 months ago to get his leg stitched up from cutting it at work – yep – and he had a foot injury at the beginning of the year!} As soon as I heard I immediately drove there. Long story short, he had a knee that needed stitches, cuts everywhere on his body, and a hyperextended wrist that made his thumb look like it had dislocated to the front center of his palm. Not pretty.

I immediately put out a prayer request on Facebook. Quickest method these days it seems! Eyes and ears perked up around the world and he had prayers going up right then. The comments and support and prayers were felt. It’s hard not to feel THAT kind of love. THAT kind of community. It’s impossible I’d think unless a heart was hardened.

Going even a step further was a new friend who we met a year ago when we moved here. That friend picked up the phone to call and check on him. That simple gesture. That one phone call. That was THE one I needed the very most.

Don’t take that wrong, please, my friends. Our parents … constantly checking from afar. Our FB friends… praying and sending blessings by the droves. All heartfelt, and lovely, and beautiful. Many haven’t even heard yet since it’s not even 48 hours old, so I have no doubt we will continue to hear from others. I love these hearts!!

But this one call turned me from crying to laughing.

It hit me very hard after the fact. You know that next 24 hours when the adrenaline slows down? The time after you initially go into “take care of him” mode and you suddenly come down to normalcy? You know… that time when you begin to realize “wow, that was a close call and could have been so much worse!”

That moment came in a rush. When I couldn’t stop the tears. That moment where I was LIVING the thankfulness that I had been telling God about. But that same moment where I felt the need for release from the heavy.

She lifted me. That one call. Those laughs and smiles. Her caring heart to take time out of her day. She lifted me.

That changed my day in an instant. And it will never be forgotten.

That’s living a “God, what do you want?” life. That’s BEING The Church.

As for my husband, he’s healing quickly thanks to the prayers of friends and family and to a blessed healthy body he has been given. He’s wrapped up like a mummy. Just kidding. HAHA! He’s wrapped though. Wrapped in bandages and a wrist brace… AND love from God’s community.

If you ever feel a nudge to call and check on someone, to send them a caring email or message, or even a card {really, snail mail? Yes!!} then jump on it. It’s probably God nudging you to BE The Church.

Romans 12:9-10

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

Live Blessed,


19 thoughts on “God, What Do You Want?

    1. Toni, you are right! The little things are often the biggest things. Ironic isn’t it? But even your comment and the comments of others right here, although some in the critical world might think aren’t big gestures, to me they are HUGE! I mean they pump my heart to a God size. 🙂


  1. Heather, sorry to hear about your husband. Praying for a speedy recovery with no complications. Your post is such a great reminder of how the little things we do can have such a huge impact. We never know when we do something so small what a dramatic effect it can have on others. Thanks for that reminder and the inspiration to look for small things to do to encourage and uplift others. Blessings!


    1. Thank you, Shelly. I sometimes have to remind myself all of this. It upsets me that I fail my God but I know He gets me… And knows my heart. ThankFULLY!
      My husband is healing wonderfully! He is doing much better this week. Still a bit slow but it was a miracle he wasn’t hurt worse. He found out it was 8 pieces of glass that fell on him but only the one he was holding broke. Miracle for sure. Thank you for checking on him here.

      Blessings to you,


  2. hey woman of God, sorry about your husband, hope he is doing well… you just when God get ready to do something big in our lives the enemy comes to cast a dark cloud over us to keep us focused on the negative, but God has his hand on you and your family – get ready for something big – it is coming.
    thanks for the timely reminder to step out in faith when God says move.
    “an opportunity of a lifetime must be ceased in the lifetime of the opportunity”

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    1. Walter,
      You are one of MANY to tell us that since the beginning of this hard journey 5 years ago. I am believing with you all!
      The “big” is much bigger than the dark cloud. His plan has began to unfold a bit and it excites us to see a glimpse. I only want to be His vessel to touch as many lives with encouragement and love as possible.

      My husband is healing wonderfully. Yet another miracle story he can tell. That man has been through so much but all can be utilized for the Glory of God!
      Thank you for checking on him and your prophetic words, undoubtedly!



  3. I am sorry about your husband, Heather; glad he’s healing well.
    “If you ever feel a nudge to call and check on someone, to send them a caring email or message, or even a card {really, snail mail? Yes!!} then jump on it. It’s probably God nudging you to BE The Church.”
    This is so true! Sadly, at least for me, this was a lesson I learned from ignoring the nudging. I am more sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit now.
    Great post!

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