I’m wondering.

What IF blogs looked like The Church?


What if I opened up my blog to BE the people connection it truly can be? What if this was one more place we could connect in a deeper way. What would happen if we loved each other right here on these pages?

I’m ready? Are you? To share your heart and prayers with others who need it?

What if we truly discussed life? Did life together? RIGHT HERE.

Lets try it together and just see where God takes us?

I’ll start.

I ask you to pray for a reader friend’s son { he is here in the USA } who I’ve been sharing my experience with … the depression that I lived with for over a decade. When this young man’s mother contacted me after she had read my story, I immediately began to seek God’s heart. I have counseled people before. I have shared my heart in God’s will. But something about this request seemed different. More timely. More … something.

God, how do I share more intimately that you were my source of hanging on in those moments? I am writing about it, but one-on-one is different. Jesus, what is it that You want me to share?

So when her son contacted me, I told him what I believed God has for him while explaining carefully that my situation, my journey, even my healing was not his. But this journey he is on is his – special and uniquely preparing him for something God has for him.

JUST for him.

I heard the desperateness in his voice in his first email… even through the hopeful sentences. I could hear the pounding of his heart beat as he shared his thoughts. I could see his hand open to be held.

Someone? Hold his outstretched hand with me? Pray for his mind to be filled with peace every time he hears the discontentment or fear at his shoulder? That peace is always ready to swarm in and cover us with a grace so amazing, so brilliant that it outshines… blinds… all that is not peaceful.

I have received good words from him. Encouraging words that he is on the path to regaining his life. The life Jesus so intimately loves.

If you would like to pray for this young man who is healing as I type these words, please do in the comments. Share encouragement as you have experienced it in your life.

Let’s make this blog BE The Church.

Live Blessed,


Walk the journey with me? That would be cool.


Conversations on FB.

Mini conversations on Twitter.


This post originally appeared at 40YearWanderer.com. It can be reblogged with all links and exact wording intact, but can not be copied without permission.


8 thoughts on “What If a Blog Were to BE The Church?

  1. Yes, I will pray with you for this young man. I too have suffered from depression for many years. The LORD’s presence in my life has provided the peace that I needed. I know He heard my every prayer and is answering them still today. May His love and grace fill this man’s heart and soul. May he feel the love and comfort of Jesus today.

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    1. Blessings to you sweet Sister, as you reach your heart out to his in prayer. Even as you have lived it. I too have lived it and so it is that God works through us who have experienced something similar to comfort and love others in those situations. That IS being The Church.

      I love your heart.


  2. Dearest Abba,

    Thank You for loving us and pursuing us relentlessly. I lift up this young man and lay him in Your lap. Do you see the wounds here? The bleeding? He needs Your tender care.

    Because You are the Good Shepherd, I know that I can leave Him in Your capable hands. As he rests there, may He feel the calming sensation of Your anointing oil. May a complete sense of being at peace pervade his heart, mind, soul, and body.

    May he become so familiar with Your scent during this time that he follows close on Your heels ever after this, longing for more of Your healing touch.

    Give those who minister to him great discernment and wisdom. Call others to come alongside him and strengthen him, too, Father.

    Thank You for Your mercy and Your grace. Help us to comprehend what blessed gifts these are for us.

    You are our Healer, our Redeemer, and we love You.

    In Jesus’ name.


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