What God Has Taught Me About Marriage and Love

WOW. WOW! She is 18. And she’s got it RIGHT. Her title says “What God taught me…” but I think if all young people listened they’d hear this too. This is INCREDIBLE. Of course I cried. Deeply thankful that she has learned this – as her mom and her sister in Christ. DEEPLY thankful.
Please share this with every young person you can. They need to hear it from the mouth of a peer.
~ Heather

Words From a Feather

I’ve been thinking a lot lately – about love, marriage, future family. I know every girl dreams about it, but this is different. I’ve started seeing it in a whole new way. True that I’ve gotten older and more mature, but something happened that changed my perspective. I started to really see into the details of what it means to love. I don’t see it as trying to find the right guy to fall in love with almost as if it would happen by some magic, but instead I see it as completely giving it over to God and trusting Him because He always takes care of me in every part of my life. I always knew that if God’s plan for my life included someone to share it with then He would bring me the right man, but what changed for me recently is how I feel about it…

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