Ideas Waiting in the Wings

Life isn’t a show, but we’ve got one awesome Director! This piece I am sharing today, written by my daughter, brings to light in a new way what it means to wait on The Lord. As we recognize that the desires of our hearts come from Him within our very own unique personalities and giftings, we must also learn that time for Him is nothing like we perceive. I’m thankful for that. How about you?

I know you will be inspired by this. She inspires me.
~ Heather

My ideas were waiting in the wings for what seemed like forever, but the Director knew when it was the right time for me to start. His perfect time.

Almost exactly one year ago, God gave me an idea for a piece to choreograph unlike anything I had ever done before. I found music for it quickly, and I new that it was the perfect music for the concept, but I struggled with creating a single step of the dance. I knew I was supposed to do it and I had very vague ideas of what some of it would look like, but I started to get a little frustrated when it wasn’t happening. This went on with several piece concepts that kept coming to me, but very few had any sort of structure and I was lost for ideas on how to make them even though I knew God was telling me to make them. I started to feel a little like I had lost it completely. Like I would never get anywhere with them and they would just disappear into the pile of past ideas that were good while they lasted. I had a few things come to me here and there, but nothing that really set any of them into motion fully.

Until Yesterday. I sat down in a coffee shop with my iPad in hand and headphones on, and I started listening to the same music that I had over and over again for the past year. I opened my blank notes, not expecting anything to really happen since it had been this way for a while. Then all of a sudden it just happened…

Read the rest here. You WILL be encouraged!



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