Broken Roads: Yes, I Do Feel How I Look Today


Today – this is how I feel. Go ahead. Read this book by its cover. Anyone else? Those days when all you can say is “Why”? “What?” “When?” The days when tears hurt. They just sting. The days when I think “I don’t think I can withstand walking this very broken road to the top of this mountain. This mountain that just won’t move.”

These are the days when I have to stop and ask myself “What good can I see when I choose to look?” Sometimes the only good to see is when I look up.

So then when I finally get to the top I can look down and see all the lovelies God laid at the foot.

THAT view. That’s what keeps me hiking life.

So yeah, I’m über positive but I’m real. I’m human.

Want to see the smile? Want to smile. I do.

Look UP to Him.

{It reminds me that I’m a smiler.}

Live Blessed,



12 thoughts on “Broken Roads: Yes, I Do Feel How I Look Today

  1. walter bright says:

    and it’s okay! Okay to be real. Sometimes we ask people how are you, and they go, “doing great,” but actually, they are not. We have gotten too accustomed to saying I am fine. So I appreciate the beauty of your brokenness and your authenticity. “I know God is good, I believe in his promise, I know he’s bringing me out, but right now my sky is dim and gray and I don’t feel good.” That is real. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have faith or that I have sin in my life – I am just have a bad day – This too shall pass.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m so glad you are real! We all need to drop the facades and be real, but the courage to follow through with that is so hard to muster sometimes. I’m sorry there are tears and hard, broken road travel. It can be painful. You are certainly right about the view from the top, though. I keep hearing it’s worth it, and sometimes I get the glimpses that back it up.

    Your choice to be real gives others the opportunity to offer kind words, support, and to be real, too. Thank you!


    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      Thanks, Toni. You make me smile and bless me so. You hit on something I think we all need … In the world of fast paced media-type social gathering … I think we’ve lost many opportunities to truly share life. To do life together. I am ready to be real and open. I always was. It just is harder to do that now for some prefer to stay hidden out of shame or guilt or ______. We really need to jump THROUGH the computer screen and hug with our hearts and show them boldly.
      Blessings my sister in Christ!


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