What if we all did fall?

Let’s do it.

Let’s fall in love with God all over again. Fall in love head over heals.

Remember the way you were so excited to meet with Him after you learned He loved you?

Remember how you were so hungry for His Word? Remember how you would run excited with memorizing it and hiding it your heart?

Remember the tears as they filled your eyes when you realized His forgiveness was for you too?

Do you remember? Were you a child? An adult? Was it last year? Last month?
Thirty years ago?

Think about how you wanted more of Him.

“Jesus, help me. I want more of you. Meet with me in every moment. I love You! I’m so in-purposely love with You!”

Remember that feeling of falling so far into God you were craving His knowledge and His grace and His mercy?


Fall into His arms deep into love ~ crave His grace ~ hunger for His presence.

FALL into His love.
It WILL catch you.

Live Blessed,


21 thoughts on “FALL

  1. amypboyd says:

    Hey my FMF neighbor (again). I believe God has a plan for you and I since He continues to match us up each week.

    I do pray that I fall deeper and deeper in love with Him everyday


  2. Susan says:

    It’s been 42 years since I first fell in love with Jesus, and sometimes, especially when I am listening to or singing hymns and praises, that new in-lovedness just bubbles up in me again, and it is such a beautiful, intense, overwhelming feeling. :) Thanks for a wonderful call to fall in love with Him every day.


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