I imagine the day when no more faith is needed. No more prayer is needed. No more hope is needed.

That day. When only praise is present in our hearts.

That day made perfect when all is changed from glory to glory. When existence of life in the flesh is turned to life in the eternal.

Imagine it with me.

ALL will be answered.

ALL will be healed.

ALL will be filled with joy.

ALL who trusted that Jesus answered ALL by that day on the Cross.

There is day I IMAGINE with such clarity of heart and I pray you are right there with me.

~ Heather


29 thoughts on “Imagine… No More

  1. I’m right there with you Heather…all healed,answered and filled with joy..what a great day it will be. I think we’ll dance together on that beautiful day. Love hanging out and imagining with you.


    1. The truth, Teresa, is I NEEDED it. My heart is heavy this week… my husband has been in the ER and our new house mortgage has been delayed 4 months so we missed a house we thought was perfect for us. God knows best – we know that – so there is a more perfect one waiting on us. But boy has it been difficult this week. So I wrote it to lift myself and hoped it lifted others too. So thankful I have you all to share life with. Hope all is well on your corner of this big earth. 🙂


  2. Dear Heather
    I have a chronic illness and I am with you, Everyday I am looking forward with Abraham and all the saints through all the centuries to the New Jerusalem, the City of our King.
    Happy FMF.


    1. Everyday that you are here, you have a purpose yet to fill. Know that you are a blessing to many and that you are filling many with hope and encouragement in the Lord. One day, we will meet in heaven, but until that day comes, keep shining in the now and present so that those in darkness will see and will have a hope and a future! Praying for you my friend.


  3. Love imagining this with you all …and my prayers go out for you and your husband.

    The thunderstorms passed by yesterday here in Oklahoma without any violent tornadic activity. Looking toward the east where the storm had gone, I saw a beautiful white fluff of clouds illuminated by the setting sun and just south of it a gray troubled looking wall cloud. Above it all the sky was clear blue and glorious. It reminded me that whatever storm we are going through God is above in His glory and even though the trials we go through at the moment seem tumultuous, there is a golden glow of peace promised.


  4. I was just imagining this the past few days. The day when God makes all things right. The day when there will be no more tears. No more struggle against sin. No more struggle to draw near to God in complete trust and faith. OH the joy we will have when our joy is complete!


  5. We said goodbye to a friend today and watched them lower his body into the ground. It was sad for us…and, somehow…how can any of us help but rejoice for those who are experiencing just what you wrote about? It doesn’t mean there aren’t tears, but the thought of him singing in the presence of his Savior, being safe in the arms of Jesus, breathing and whole and happy…that’s a celebration. We’ll just miss him while we’re still here. Thank you for this, friend…it was good for my heart to read this today. You are a blessing.


    1. Mel,
      You are such a blessing to me.

      There a no words to really describe what it feels like to lose a loved one. I’m sorry for your loss.

      I remember hearing one time someone saying “we don’t LOSE them” and I thought “yeah, if they followed Jesus them they are FOUND”.
      We are all FOUND… Isn’t that awesome?!

      Love you my friend. 🙂 Be blessed and comforted by Him. Feel His heart hug yours.



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