You Are Gifted for Your Purpose ~ {Crown of Thorns}

Gifts are the expression of Love from the Ultimate Gift Giver. Gifts are meant to be shared. God created us to be creative. We all have our unique gifts and talents. Talents no one else has, simply because our fingerprint is on it. And let me encourage those of you thinking right this moment “I am not talented.”

You are! I promise. No. I don’t need to promise, because He promises your uniqueness. You are gifted for your purpose.

…But each has his own gift from God, one of one kind and one of another. ~ 1 Corinthians 7:7

Don’t know what your gift is yet?
Ask God. He will show you. It may be art, it may be something else, it may spiritual, or a combination. But you’ve got something no one else has ever had. Something else no one will EVER have.

Your fingerprint on this world. Your heart print.

Someone, maybe many someones will be touched forever by you. You may never know it. But always be thankful when God gives you a glimpse of what He is doing through you. Look for it every day. Look for ways to give your gifts to the world. Give yourself. Love out.


My husband has made several of these gorgeous Crown of Thorns. Certainly his gift is giving glory to Christ.


12 thorns for 12 disciples around a Crown (circle of eternity); sanded steel and copper to represent the stunning beauty of an all too often rejected Grace sent to earth as a pardon. A reminder to those who accept that Gift of Grace by the Cross – Redemption for all.



They are designed to honor Jesus through and through.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart on God’s gifts to each of us and allowing me to share my husband’s talent. I love him dearly.

Live Blessed,





6 thoughts on “You Are Gifted for Your Purpose ~ {Crown of Thorns}

  1. walter bright says:

    This is a powerful blogpost… I must add your husband is indeed gifted. Thanks for the call to use whatever gift God has given to serve others and bring glory to the Lord…


    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      You bless me so! Thank you for lifting me and my hubby up. I will share this with him. He was in the ER again Monday! Not as bad this time… He had to get stitches since he cut his leg at work. He’s fine but wobbling around in a bit of pain. Your lovely encouragement in The Lord will make him smile.
      Bless you my friend.


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