We See Parts and Pieces

What is in your reflection? Look in the mirror. What do you see? Who do you see?

I remember when I was young how I would look in the mirror and see “ugly”, “disgust”, “unliked” – you might have a word too?


I also remember how that carried into my teen years. {Oh, who am I kidding? My mirror was scarred right into adulthood.}

Is your mirror scarred? It’s lying to you.

Mirror, mirror on my wall. Who loves me after all?

After ALL.

After all is said and done.
After all the day is lived.
After all the problems life hands us.
After all the lies we believe.

LIES. They burrow themselves deep in with clutches like claws leaving deep long scars. Scars that match the mirror. Mirror image scars.

God loves us after ALL. It is His reflection we should see.

When we look into that mirror, we see parts and pieces. The parts we don’t like. The pieces we’d like to change. Smaller nose? Lifted eyes? Straighter teeth? Prettier smile?

See those things ever? I did. Until I truly grasped HOW God sees me.

As forgiven and redeemed and lovely and planned and … LOVED.


Sometimes I cave in and see that smile that needs work. That chin. That part. That piece. But therein lies the problem. I cave.

Into a dark abysmal place where God does not dwell. Why, oh why, do I go where He is not? Why do I walk alone? With all my parts and pieces scooped up, I should be running the other direction. Into His loving open arms. Wouldn’t that be what we wanted our loved ones to do as we watch them struggle with these insecurities?

Next time you look into a mirror make sure it is a lovely unscarred one.


One that answers ~

“You are beautiful. Just as He made you. Love you.”

Love you. That’s a thing I’ve heard Him say.

Live Blessed,





11 thoughts on “We See Parts and Pieces

  1. Anthony Baker says:

    I see an old man. But when I think about Sean Connery, well…to be honest…I think of all the girls that wouldn’t go out with me in high school and say to the mirror, “They don’t know what they missed!” Seriously, though, I try to see myself as God sees me – forgiven, loved, and His.


    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      There isn’t a thing wrong with looking like Sean. :) My hubby does a great voice impression of Him. That works too. :D

      Kidding aside though. The girls did miss out. You are His and that is the most beautiful you can be. Blessings my friend. Blessings for your day!


  2. Barbie says:

    This is so beautiful! Thank you for linking it in your comment on my blog so that I could read it. Truly blessed me!


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