God In My Pocket


God is there… and he should be there. He brings us comfort when He’s close.

But the reason we put Him there should be the right reason. There are two reasons He lines the pockets.

Reason One: We live our day-in, day-out lives taking God out from hiding only when we need Him. Like a quarter for the parking meter. Put in a little because we need a little time. We need to not worry. We need that comfort of knowing “Oh just a little bit of God and I’ll be fine.”

We keep Him in close proximity. Close enough to be heard when we have a request. JUST close enough.

Reason Two: Here’s the best.

God’s holding the resources. If God’s holding that quarter… well, it can do things you never dreamed of doing… change lives. God can bless that pocket right out of this world! Then the comfort level sky rockets. Because everything is His to begin with. How much more comfort can we have than knowing God’s got our needs ALREADY handled. Let’s just be His.

What if God wasn’t just a “go to” in times of need? What if we gave out of our hearts… out of our pockets.

We could change the world one quarter at a time.

Live Blessed,



28 thoughts on “God In My Pocket

  1. lessonsbyheart says:

    Cute – “If God’s holding that quarter…change lives. Nice play on words.

    Life is more peaceful when we realize that everything we “own” is God’s, isn’t it? We’re His stewards. Sometimes we get to hang onto the things entrusted to us – other times He’s placed money or whatever into our hands because He knows we will be faithful to pass it on when He asks.

    Thanks for the lesson today!


  2. Mel says:

    Wow…great post! Thank you for the reminder that He’s got it all and that He knows it all. And that I can trust Him…I need that reminder often. Happy Friday, friend! :)


  3. seespeakhearmama says:

    don’t think I’ll ever see a parking meter quite the same way…or the quarter I use. this post was clever and I liked it. swinging through from Five Minute Friday..missed the party because of a much needed impromptu date night with the husband..but had to get a post in to hang with my girls. glad to see you are well.


    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      I thought about you sooo much the past two days. You were heavily on my mind. I smiled. :)

      How great! A date night! We need one.
      Today is my day to read… So your blog is top on my list. This week was a crazy whirlwind. Didn’t even get to my survey book. BUT – it has been crazy GREAT!

      We should phone chat some time. Or Skype. I’d love to hear your voice too. :)
      Blessings fill your weekend my lovely friend! Happy Mommy’s Day.


  4. parrillaturi says:

    Many times we try to assist God, because we think we have a better handle on the situation. Let go, and let God. He is always there for us. I try to walk next to him, not behind, nor ahead of Him. Once we have fully realize that it is He who is in total control, fear will have no room in our hearts. Great post. Blessings.


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