Brave? Me?

BRAVE. Not me.


Losing family and friends. That’s what happened, still happens, when your life becomes a heart for Jesus. Was it, is it, brave to choose ministry? Loving others for and by Him? Some might call it that I suppose.

I call it … being All In.

Yes. I’m IN.

I am ALL in.

Why can’t those who loved me before – family and friends – love me the same? It breaks my heart that they are living in such judgement, such denial, that my loving Jesus bothers them. Some of them may still read my words or hear them at a large family gathering. So in case they are… just in case… I will be brave:

“I love you. You may not understand that fully. I’d love for you to understand that fully. Maybe you think that living my life for Christ is overboard, pushy, out there. But why do those or any other adjectives fall out of your mind into your heart? I know you. You have a heart to accept others and those ways and beliefs of others you don’t agree with, but not mine? I am sad. I love so deeply. That is why I love you. Because God loves you. That’s not brave. That’s true love.

I am Heather. I love hard. I love you. I AM ALL IN.

Would you like to share with me this life He has given? You can follow over there —>. I would LOVE for you to.
– Heather


27 thoughts on “Brave? Me?

  1. Dedra@SimpleOpulence says:

    Hi Heather-
    I am journeying over from Five Minute Friday! I know all to well what you are talking about. It is such a challenge to enter into an environment so hostile to your faith. I thank God that He gives us a chance to be a part of an extended family and be encouraged in our walk with Him. I know that loving people like He does softens hard hearts over time. Keep loving well and I am sure you will see God’s faithfulness run over into all the relationships that need His touch. :-)


  2. My Pajama Days says:

    I hope you and your family/friends do find some peace – it saddens me when we turn on one another because of religious differences. It seems like the real goal in life should be accepting one another, not judgement, regardless.


    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      Me too. God gives us all the peace we need though and for that I am so grateful. The first few decades of my life were filled with so much sadness for many reasons that now I am AMAZED at how much peace I have.

      Thank you so much for stopping by to share. It’s these blog connections that add to that peace. :)


  3. lisha epperson says:

    so happy to see you hear again sweet Heather.I am sorry your decision for Christ has caused this struggle within your family. I encourage you to keep loving. Love speaks, Love covers and blesses. I am praying your continued strength in this area sweet lady.


  4. seespeakhearmama says:

    Hi sweet lady. So happy to see you here again. I am sorry for the struggle your decision for Christ has caused your family. I encourage you to keep loving. Love speaks. Love covers and blesses. Love is always more than enough. Praying for you dear friend.


  5. Beth @ My Destiny says:

    Oh Heather, I totally understand. I am finally to the point where I just press forward and run the race. I don’t let fear of what my family might think of me hold me back any longer.

    Thank you for visiting me. Jesus is worth the cost.



  6. fireball3316 says:

    hi heather! you ARE so brave! loving all in and living all in is brave – it lives for the audience of One! praying you continue in your bravery – i love galatians 6:9 dont grow weary in doing good (in being brave!) because you will reap a harvest at the right time (paraphrased by me!)

    blessings, claire (one passion one devotion


  7. aroyaldaughter says:

    Hi Heather,

    I have a beloved family member with whom I wrestle with these same questions. I’m so sorry, but I know that God will honor your obedience and bravery.


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