One Mouth, One Chance


We’ve all got one. A voice. A mouth.
And first impressions can change the world. We’ve got one chance. This one life is our one chance.

One chance to love.
One chance to forgive.
One chance to give.
One chance to make a difference.
One chance to change the world.
One chance.


Led by The One.

The Only One who is Christ.

I was born with a mouth. Sometimes it would help me out. Sometimes it would get me in trouble.

Since I’ve made it a choice to listen to God who has a plan for my life eternally better than any I could come up with, I have also chosen to use my mouth for Him. I find on most occasions that the very best way to use my mouth is to not use it.

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “Momma always said ‘If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.'” I think that’s a mom’s translation of “Love One Another” because when we live by that then it’s much harder to say something bad.

I think long and hard in a matter of seconds about how my words do have meaning and value. The quick smile and kind-hearted “hello” I offer to people I see may be the only Jesus they see. I think about how their day might be carrying burdens that have weighed their very own smile down. I think about how I hope they find hope and love in my simple words.

I’ve got one mouth.
I’ve got one chance.
I’m wasting it all if I’m not all-in at all-times for Jesus.

Give me strength, Jesus, to speak only when and what you’d have me speak. Help me to always remember this one life, this one chance.

Live Blessed,




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