Trusting God at the Bottom

Have you been praying for something that has not happened? A healing? A release? A miracle? An answer?

God seems silent. Or maybe worse: the opposite or something unexpected happened instead to throw you for a loop? What if it ISN’T worse? What if God ISN’T silent? What if He is just silently working? Silently working on your behalf to answer in even bigger ways.

What if?


And what if you missed it because you weren’t listening but instead you were too busy not-trusting?

I’ve heard something like this said time and time again: “We have to trust God even if the situation gets worse, even if the healing doesn’t come, even if we hit rock bottom, even if our world falls apart, even if we don’t get what we are praying for at the time.” Heard that before?

I hit rock bottom in my life. In fact the bottom fell out in a billion pieces. That’s me.

‘They’ are right – we must trust God. I trusted even when …

– even when I thought He was gone but He was just silently working.

– even when the answer came in a way that didn’t look like an answer at all.

– even when I felt incredibly alone.

– even when all I had was gone.

I trusted Him and He was able to show up in bigger ways. But only because I gave less of me and let Him be God.

Live Blessed,



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