Keep the Beauties Separate from the Duties


I’ve been listening hard lately. Listening for His voice over the many others vying for my attention.

Keep the beauties separate from the duties.

Yes, God!

You see, I NEEDED to hear that so badly. I’ve been a writer since I started writing poems at around the age of 7. Sounds young, right? Although the poem I wrote for my dad then was child-like, it was cherished enough by him that he carried it in his wallet until the day he took his own life. I was nine.

From that time until now, I’ve grown to become a freelance writer… with outlines to follow, structures to develop, and deadlines to meet. All duties.

But God reminded me recently to go back to the Beauties like the poem. Writing the beauties that He gives me has not been hard. But not worrying about the duties was hard. He needs these beauties to bloom in someone’s heart from the seed blowing in the wind from mine … the seeds He has already cultivated in my heart.

Yes, there are things I have to think about: platforms for my two books, layouts for my books, finishing the books! Fact is that it all has duties attached. BUT – if I don’t keep the Beauties in this then none of the duties will matter.

When I’m writing my blog, I separate the beauties from the duties by focusing on the impressions He lays in my heart lifted up by the Truth of His Word. I focus on it flowing through my heart and hand … right out to the Beauties reading it.

I will take care of the duties.

Yes, God, I know you will and I trust that you will. I will take what I’ve learned in my work to only contribute what You ask to the duties you’ve already taken care of but all in your sweet timing. My real focus is on the Beauties.

Thank you for the Beauties that come out in the pages as they stream out of my heart. Thank you for the Beauties that read my blog and connect with me so that I can pray for them, encourage them, and love on them like you would.

I hear you Jesus. In this God sized dream you’ve given me, I will keep the beauties separate from the duties.

Live Blessed,



18 thoughts on “Keep the Beauties Separate from the Duties

  1. seespeakhearmama says:

    this is soul-stirring dear Beauty! a touching reminder to keep the focus on the One who sends it through us and is faithful to complete the details. After a week of technical difficulties on the blog, this post helps put me back on track. Humbly…I thank you.

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    • Heather Mertens - 40YearWanderer says:

      Hi Cheryl!
      You know what? I wrote over 100 poems and has a couple published then quit! But I feel a desire to try it again and God has brought my attention back to it and I see that poetry is touching lives maybe like it did hundreds of years ago. Or maybe more. I’m all about loving others through words!
      Thank you dearly for stopping by and taking time to love on me. I feel it dear sister dreamer! {Love that term of endearment. :) }
      – Heather


  2. Mel says:

    Love this, friend…I tend to overwhelm myself with what needs to be done and forget to look around to enjoy the blessings. And there are so many! Thank you for the reminder that I can trust Him to take care of the details! Blessings on your day! :)

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    • Heather Mertens - 40YearWanderer says:

      Thank you Mel for the encouraging comment! :) Oh how you have blessed me!

      Sometimes though I go so far the opposite way and feel bad about not paying enough attention to the duties- but He reminds me quickly that He’s got my back. ;) He always works it out.
      Blessings my new bloggy friend!


      • God is Good says:

        Yes … Going through life as required … Yet being willing to stop for the one fir His Name’s sake!
        Your response is full of love … You can feel the love of Him in you and through you … Words release more than ideas … They release Spirit … and your words (though they may seem very simple) release more than you know … Be assured He rides forth in/on your words and hit the mark well! I sense you are a good and faithful servant … but He also calls you “friend”.

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