10 Things Life Teaches … If We Are Learning

1- LIFE is not about getting things perfect. It is about the destination of the journey. Have some place to go … daily and eternally.

2- Learn from the difficult things in life. They teach us many things if we are paying attention to the lessons.

3- Never, ever, ever miss a chance to LOVE. You will be loved back. In many cases you will find out you were loved first.

4- Weakness can cause our strength to grow IF we choose to let that happen. It really is all about a choice to move forward.

5- Life is not about understanding every thing that goes on. It is about APPRECIATING every thing that goes on. Life goes on.

6- We do not exist just for ourselves and our pleasures. We were made to love. Love one another.

7- Hiding and not sharing our needs and sufferings leads to the same thing as constant complaining. No effect.

8- Love is an action we MUST practice. Practice truly makes perfection in this instance.

9- Understanding, getting through, making a difference, overcoming, VICTORY – are all found simply by opening the door that you are standing in front of right now. Hear the knock?

10- Love is eternal. (NOT the end of the story.)

Live Blessed,


11 thoughts on “10 Things Life Teaches … If We Are Learning

    • 40YearWanderer says:

      Thanks, Don. I know from where my wisdom originates for it is not my own, and I would be nothing without Him. God has blessed me with a voice and I dare not use it for anything or anyone other than Him. Glory to Him! I will say this … people often ask me how we got through everything as the list is quite long and my answer is always the same. I am thankful for God bringing us through and I wouldn’t change it because we grow closer to Him as we witness Him work for and through us. That drives me. Intensely.


  1. amylou413 says:

    I especially like number 5 “Life is not about understanding every thing that goes on. It is about APPRECIATING every thing that goes on. Life goes on.”
    This reminds me of Proverbs 3:5-6 :) it’s important to lean on God’s understanding rather than trying to make sense of everything. This is a great post :)


    • 40YearWanderer says:

      Thanks so much, Amy. I long to thank Him for all I’ve learned and this is just one way I can do it. The truth is no words can be breathed that satisfy how my soul feels. In this senseless world, it would certainly be futile to try to find an understanding of everything that we are hit with in this life. But yet that is one hang up I had and recognize now in many, dare I say most, that many don’t even realize they are hanging on too. I like to quantify the Peace I know now by being still and KNOWING that He is God. Thanks for blog friendship, Amy. :)
      – Heather


  2. Jon DeWitt says:

    My dear wife Glynis’ favorite verse and I echo it is:
    1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”


  3. Barry McCormick says:

    Thanks for that! I’ve just recently became a member of FOCB, and I am just checking out a few blogs and trying to share encouragement. I write songs and poetry and the best thing God has ever inspired me to write to encourage someone is written here: Child of the King My prayer is that it will encourage you also :)

    Love is always the key in life!


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