A Thing: Sometimes It Takes Losing to Win

I am living a Job moment.

For those of you who know who Job was that will make sense to you. For those who don’t know who Job was, let me tell you in a brief way – Job lost everything and everyone in his life. Literally. After much prayer, waiting, and listening, God restored it all.

I did not lose everything and everyone. But it hurt none-the-less. Nearly lost my husband to death pounding on his door; and nearly lost everything in the 2 years he was without a job and we were pounded with medical and living expenses.

Bankruptcy 1. Death 0. FINAL score to come…

The restoration is what I really want to tell you about today. Trusting God with everything sometimes means you are pounded on by these “things” in life and yet you still set your eyes on Him to take care of everything. Sometimes it takes losing to win.

We fought giving it ALL to Him in the beginning. How?

By looking for ways to “fix” the “things”.

By hanging the heads low and choosing negative thoughts and words and letting them dwell over the “things”.

By worrying about the “things”. (Wow, can choosing that worry “thing” escalate the other “thing”.)

But when – and I emphasize WHEN – we chose to not worry and to not dislocate the focus, but instead fix that focus “thing”…

God was let out of that box we kept Him in and He worked in our behalf. He wanted to all along. He never promised an easy perfect life on this earth. We chose sin.

He did promise Himself. He chose us.

(That is THE answer, by the way, to the question so often asked: “If there is such a God then why does He let ‘such and such’ happen?”)

When He worked, and we trusted and followed, then He restored. Today we have hearts full of love, souls full of trust, health, jobs, ministries – we are living a restoration right now!

Bankruptcy 0. Things – 0.

God – WINS.

Live Blessed,



9 thoughts on “A Thing: Sometimes It Takes Losing to Win

    • 40YearWanderer says:

      Awww. Thanks Len! I really appreciate that so much. I am thankful for my new blogging friends like you. :) I hope your husband was encouraged by our story. A great burden was lifted from our lives and it will it be in yours. Use it for His glory as we are and it will all be worth it.


  1. Rebekah M says:

    Reblogged this on Being Rebekah and commented:
    40YearWanderer is written by one of our readers, Heather Mertens, who has her own blog. We felt her post of “sometimes it takes losing to win” is a great way to kick off our “guest blog” weekly spot. Our aim to to help our readership connect and encourage each other since we saw many of you blog yourselves! Thank you all for following our journey and may we all encourage each other to continuing to seek after Him with all we have!!! God bless you and feel free to submit a post to be reblogged (or even something new) at beingrebekah@outlook.com :)


    • Heather Mertens - 40YearWanderer says:

      I am honored to be writing alongside you all at BeingRebekah.com to encourage others in Christ. Through our writing we even get our own encouragement from Christ. Isn’t that a blessing! Thank you for asking me to join you all. May He bless our words and keep us humble in Him. God Bless.


  2. Planting Potatoes says:

    we can sure relate! I nearly died from a stroke and my wife was left to take care of everything…she just gave it all to God! Of all the many blessings we’ve had in our lives…..God has blessed us the most during our most trying times! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

    I call that Job moment our “metaphorical” crucifixion. We are following the Lord’s path, and like the Lord we rise from it, but we continue to live, realising we have ‘lost’ things that imprisoned us and prevented our full flowering that He wanted for us. The small ‘I’ will is dead and our willingness to let go and let God is matured. The sun will now shine on your futures. x

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    • Heather Mertens - 40YearWanderer says:

      Thank you Stephanie. I see what you mean because I have had several of those experiences in life. Each one pertained to a very different thing of which I needed to rid my life. I also started praying several years back that God cleanse everything from within me that is not pleasing to Him; to make what He wants me to be in Him. That’s a dangerous prayer because He will answer it! I am so glad I opened my mind and heart to it and allowed Him in to recreate me. Now I am starting to see how what has happened to me and how He has changed me – how those play into His plans ahead. I love that about Him. He reveals just enough that I still need faith.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am getting ready to write about this “dangerous” kind of prayer. Hope you like it as well. God bless you!



      • Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

        Ha ha!! You are so right about that ‘dangerous’ type of prayer! Its like we give consent and then often do not like the way things are changed! And because of what I find is a slight ‘time lag’ between the desperate prayer and the action…it is easy ot firget that we have instigated it by our consent! Oh Joy hey!


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