This is a hard thing to talk about. So hard in fact that I cried some hard tears just reliving this to write it. But I feel as if I am to share this.

Here’s my story from a very different perspective. One that needs a voice for all those standing in the place I did,

When I was a teenager, I had a friend who became pregnant. An undesired pregnancy, however with someone she loved at the time. I am not so certain that she truly knew what love was, but then again… neither did I. Actually when I think back with concentration, I had several friends become pregnant… and all but one chose to let those babies live. All but one allowed the child to make a difference in this world. That ONE haunted me for years.

I can not begin to describe how it feels to know you participated in the complete demise of an innocent human life. I can’t even find the words.

As a teenager, I was learning by absorption… from the influences all around me… that supporting another’s choice is one of the most important things a friend can do. I know a lot of people today who have a differing opinion to my own regarding the value of life, but I don’t know anyone else personally who formed that opposing opinion based on the fact that they helped another life be dissolved. Maybe you do and that would be an interesting conversation to say the least, but a conversation that must take place. I’d say they are most likely living with grief beyond anyone else’s comprehension; and the belief they hold just may be what they hide behind to justify what they did over what they are truly wishing they had done instead.


As I was driving my friend to another city to get an abortion, I was rationalizing that what was about to happen was fine because she had just found out she was pregnant a few weeks before. I wanted to be there for my friend in every way, since she had trusted me with her fear and unknowing. Her parents agreed that an abortion was the best thing so that her future would be secure. She said she had plans for her future that didn’t include a baby yet. Yet, she was filled with fear and I wanted to comfort her.

As I drove her to the appointment (no, her parents did not drive her which I found very strange), I began to think “I would never do what she is doing. How could I ever not love a child that had been conceived within me?” I ignored those thoughts because this was ‘her choice’. I had bought into that since women had been oppressed for so long – or so I had been told.

She came out of the appointment and led her life as if it had never happened. Or so it seemed. At age 16, one might think that is possible, but you must know that it isn’t. She lived with that decision every day. I saw it in her eyes. That was confirmed when I saw her years later, because I could still see that pain in her eyes. The pain, I would imagine, of knowing she had one more child that she could be holding had she made a different choice so long ago.

What took less than one hour would haunt me for years to come.

Our friendship lost its way during high school … maybe it was because she didn’t want a reminder when she saw me because I was there with her through it all. Maybe it was me who didn’t want the reminder. I do very much recall what I went through after that encounter. What took less than one hour would haunt me for years to come.

All I can say is that this happened in a time when I was searching for answers in my own life, and I was looking everywhere.



I began to think heavily on the fact that I helped to end the life of another human being. It tore me up inside. I tried to talk to her about the options. Maybe had I spoken up more she would have listened, and maybe not. But I really didn’t. Or at least not with conviction. I could have stood ground as a TRUE friend and talked over with her the consequences she could possibly face for the rest of her life. Physical consequences. Mental consequences. Relational consequences.

I felt a deep remorse within my spirit – the innermost being of who I was. I was tormented by the thought I helped abruptly stop the life another human being. What had I done? I had no idea going into it how it would affect my life. It was heavy on my heart. So very heavy.

I bought into that “I’m OK, You’re OK” mentality. Where does that really get anyone? I think it gets them… “Just OK”.

I started questioning this as I had many other issues in life even at such a young age:

Who says women should have a choice in whether or not to end a pregnancy?

Who says the man involved has no choice in the matter?

If men are held responsible for child support then why do they not get a choice in these cases?

When does life begin?

Where does that child go when they are aborted?

How many people are ultimately hurt by abortion?

Who decides when life begins?

Should there be exceptions as to who may or may not get abortions?

Who decides these things?

And I thought of all the women in the world hurting and so desperate to have a child, even adopt, to share love. I was young when I knew I wanted to have a child so very much. I knew that longing. Wouldn’t it be a viable alternative to give one of those women the opportunity to love this unwanted child? If I would not do this myself, then what made it right for me to enable such a thing?

Who? Who? Why? Why?

THAT was the main theme in my questioning mind.

As I always did, and still do, I went on a quest to find the answers. Had I made the mistake of just buying into what seemed like the popular opinion regarding abortion and the ‘right to choose’.

I learned any person with a sound mind should never just take someone else’s word for something so important and make a decision based solely on the opinions of another. No matter who says it is so. And if it so happens that after finding the answers for oneself, one aligns themselves on one side or another of a subject, then that person at least can say why they believe what they believe. I must feel educated as to why I believe something and own it… or I’m simply a puppet in the hands of whomever speaks the loudest.

When I research to form my belief about a subject, I always go for the truth in its simplest and purest form, because what many times comes after the simplest of truths is distorted to fit an agenda. I didn’t want agenda; I wanted the truth.

I must feel educated as to why I believe something and own it… or I’m simply a puppet in the hands of whomever speaks the loudest.


The scientific definition for determining whether something is living (whether it is found here or even on another planet or in the deepest unknowns of the ocean as we explore) is this:
Living things are highly organized with the ability to acquire materials and energy, respond to their environment, reproduce (even if only in cell division), and adapt. Using that scientific definition then certainly a newly conceived being is living. Geneticists agree on that definition.

All life has DNA – as supported not only by the medical community but also by the justice system.

Simple. Concise. Truth to the point of simplicity.

When I research to form my belief about a subject, I always go for the truth in its simplest and purest form, because what many times comes after the simplest of truths is distorted to fit an agenda. I didn’t want agenda; I wanted the truth.

What I realized is this:

Since it is a living being based on that truth, then who am I to decide if it is to live or die within the womb? I neither created that being, nor will make every decision for that being. Who am I to usurp what is already in progress? It is not the same being as I am.


Obviously, as He so eloquently does, God worked in my heart over a period of time showing me more truths. I wrestled with the thought of what I had done and sought forgiveness.

I am forgiven.

Knowing what I know to be God’s Truth, I don’t see any circumstance to which He approves of us playing God; detrimental consequences to the pregnant mother, malformation, rape, and incest not being exceptions. If God sees fit to allow the conception of another human being within any circumstance whatsoever, who am I to decide otherwise?

Do I dare say I know better than He?


If God sees fit to allow the conception of another human being within any circumstance whatsoever, who am I to decide otherwise?


“…Before I was born the LORD called me; from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.” – Isaiah 49:1 (NIV)

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;” – Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV)

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NIV)

I have heard it argued that it is a ‘moral right’ to allow choice. Those same people will often say, “What kind of immoral God allows some to live and others to perish in unforeseen tragedy?”

Why is it then that a woman choosing which life continues and which one ends is a moral choice, but God doing the same thing is immoral?

Free will does not always produce freedom.

Live Blessed,



10 thoughts on “FREE WILL Does Not Always Produce FREEDOM

    1. I will WHOLE heartedly chat via email with you my friend. I will also read your post that you linked.
      I think I have your email correct…???
      I sent you an email two days ago about my books and maybe considering being on my book launch team? If you got that then I’ve got your email correct.???


      1. Hi Heather, I’ve sent you an email and yes, you did have the right address.
        Look forward to hearing from you my dear.


        1. Caroline,
          I received your email.
          I read it.
          My heart exploded with all kinds of emotion!
          I will respond to you … let me pray and contemplate. Just wanted you to know I got it.
          My heart is truly overwhelmed with love when people share their open hearts with me. You have loved me by trusting me with your story. I will be praying for you and for the words to share with you. You are a blessing!
          You are in His grace. Wrapped up. Tucked in.
          Much love,


  1. Like you I cannot see the taking of a life outside or inside the womb. The only thing i don’t have a fixed opinion on is in the case of rape or incest whereby the woman involved is tending toward self-destruction because of it. I would like to think each one has support in place that could see her through this time no matter what…but if she doesn’t and she can’t cope at all …that’s where I cannot form an opinion… but then I don’t judge anyone anyway… It’s totally up to God… Diane


    1. I agree, Diane. While those cases makeup so very few of the abortion cases, I understand their plight in decision. I don’t agree with many who say that abortion is the answer then, but I understand and sympathize with these women.

      Support. Ah, Yes. The church has failed in this area and if it were to gain ground in the support area to these women who consider abortion for any reason, I think it wouldn’t even be a choice anymore. They’d feel loved.


  2. Poignant story, Heather. You are not alone and, yes, you are forgiven. And in that forgiveness you are now free to light the way and truth for others in the loving way that you do. Bless you.


    1. I love love love that Susan… “You are now free to light the way”. The light is just where I need it! And I’m free to extend that light.
      Oh thank you for that.
      It’s beautiful, what you said!!
      Bless you and your gorgeous longing to run after Jesus alongside others!!


  3. I’m asking myself all the questions you asked, Heather. I won’t go into details other than to say I come from a family that fully supports the right to choose. And before knowing God I think I leaned toward believing the same. Now . . . not so much. I think of the disciples and their willingness to be persecuted for their faith. If I spoke up on my beliefs to my family I fear that persecution and friend, I remain silient. That hurts deeply to admit. I hope my honesty doesn’t change your opinion of me. I choose life. I do. I choose God with all my heart. Okay, that was hard to write and now I’m shedding a few tears so I will stop here. Love you.


    1. I love you. His grace is sufficient for me, so I can extend that grace to you, my friend. I private messaged you, but want to say one more thing before I take my hiatus from online stuffs … Your heart draws you nearer to Him; but from His perspective He is always close to you. ❤️ ~ H


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