He Was Near Death But Nearer to a Miracle | Heather Mertens | 40YearWanderer

Although my husband, Everett, and I had struggled financially early in our marriage, after years of struggle we came to a very good place. We were blessed abundantly… but the truth is that we didn’t fully know the true meaning of ‘abundance’ until we had nothing.


In June of 2008 we moved to another state, another life. This was a step of faith for us. Everett’s job in his field of work did not pan out after we moved and the economy fell flat that summer. But even so, we knew God had called us there so we prayed and we waited.

We thought we were going for our daughter’s ballet training, and although that was part of it, God had other plans in store for us. Moving away from family and the comfortable life we knew actually grew us in many ways for the better. We found a church home, a place to live, and our daughter was getting the best training of her life. We were growing as a family and loving it.


Not too long after moving to Kentucky, Everett became recurrently ill with sinus-like infections. He had already been suffering from one-sided body numbness and pain for a few years that no doctor or test could completely diagnose. The stress level was rising, and the fact that he could not find a job on top of all of this made it skyrocket. Everett continued to be very ill for the entire summer and into the fall. We lived every day one step at a time.

By November of that very same year, we found ourselves in the ER. Everett presented with symptoms of a possible stroke. That day had started out as normal as any other. He still had not found a job and I was just trying to start my freelance writing business. So as I worked on that in the morning hours that day, he was teaching our daughter advanced algebra in her sophomore year of home schooling. He is mathematically minded and he has a very subdued kind-hearted personality, so what happened during that lesson should have been our first clue that something had gone terribly wrong.

He became very upset, nearly angry, at trying to teach her what was really an easy word problem. To take a much needed break, he went downstairs to do something on the computer, and within minutes he was back upstairs acting very disoriented. He told me that he couldn’t turn the computer off. I asked him why, thinking that our old desktop was probably quitting on us. What he said and did next was very frightening.

“I keep pushing the screen button and it won’t turn off.”

Screeching breaks applied.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “You don’t shut it off on the screen.” I knew something was very strange. He then told me he was not feeling well and sat down on the stairs. I knew right then that his demeanor meant we needed to get him to the doctor. I said, “Why don’t you put your shoes on and we will go to the doctor, honey.” As he tried to tie his shoe – AT HIS KNEE – I became very nervous. I helped him tie his shoes and motioned to head to the car. He turned to the kitchen balcony doors to go to the garage. Yes, you read that correctly… balcony. We were on the second floor of a condo!

We quickly guided him down the stairs to the car and drove to the hospital closest to where we lived. I had called a new friend whom I had just met the month before at a women’s ministry event. I knew she would know where the hospital was since her husband was a Physician’s Assistant. She met us there. What an amazing God-sized thing to do! She barely knew us but stopped her day to come to the hospital to sit with my daughter.

Minutes after arriving at the ER my husband seemed to come to his senses better. But after giving his name and symptoms – including telling them he had a terrible headache that day – they rushed him into the ER. No wait time. That should have been my second clue that something had gone terribly wrong.

Within about 5 minutes he was not only disoriented again, but he did not know who I was nor could he answer questions. He became angry and was trying to leave. His personality was completely turned upside down. The nurses had to strap him down to keep him from leaving and being highly agitated. He was not the man I knew hours before nor the man I had known for years. Whatever this was began changing him immediately.

The battery of tests that they performed extremely quickly showed no cause. Our pastor came to the hospital as well as another friend, the only other friend we had made since moving to KY, the founder of a ministry for drug addicted, sometimes homeless men. God had certainly orchestrated putting these two women and our new pastor into our lives at just the moment He would work through them.

The prayers of friends and family in several states began as my heart began to think the worst outcomes. But I stood on the promise of God that I could trust Him to guard our hearts. My daughter stayed so very calm and trusting that God would take care of us said simply, “He is going to be okay, Mom. I know it.” Oh the faith I saw in her lifted me to know the same to be true.

We were told by the ER doctor that they may have to fly him to Cincinnati because they were not staffed to handle his needs… unless an available neurologist was found quickly. Immediately, I made phone calls.

It is at moments like this that many turn to God even if they have never done so before.

Please read the full story about the miracle we experienced that night here.



11 thoughts on “He Was Near Death, But Nearer to a Miracle

  1. Words cannot tell how much this has touched me and I am reblogging I am also going to read this to my husband as we need to tithe properly. We are very much in the situation you were in and it is so hard when there is only 20 in the bank to give the Lord his due the bill collectors calling and sending duns. we just filed bankruptcy and will go to court this month it took a lot of swallowing pride and prayer to do that but it is what was needed. thank you for being so open and know that you gave to me a greater tool to take to my husband as to why we need to give the proper share in tithing. God Bless you!!


    1. I am His to work through, so I am thanking Him right now that He can comfort and strengthen you in this time through our story. I will be praying for you. Count on it. I will be writing more for encouragement… He has called me to it and has equipped me through it. He will do the same for you. Just keep looking every day to Him… Let Him.

      God bless- Heather


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