We Learned So Much from the Baby Bunnies

I have never questioned my instinct and desire to take care of my child to the ‘nth’ degree. But what I have never thought deeply about until now is that concept in regards to God. He made us in His image and we are wonderfully made like Him so doesn’t He desire to take care of us to no end? Yes. There is bad in this world and that is indisputable. God desires to take care of us. Just like we want to take care of our children.

I was thinking about how animals use their instincts to help guide their offspring’s care and development. I have NEVER thought so deeply about this topic… until my husband found a baby bunny nest in our yard. He was mowing some incredibly tall weeds near our patio (yes… the intense heat had kept our lawn mower in the garage unused for a few weeks… but the swimming pool water drained near the patio to provide the perfect spot for a mama bunny to make her nest.)

As my hubby went out to mow, our daughter told him to be very careful in those weeds because she had seen a fat mama bunny in the yard and there may be a nest. So the next thing I knew my husband came in and said, “I said a little prayer about not hurting any possible bunny nest with my lawn mower and sure enough… prayer answered.” There was a nest of what we think is about 5 babies and the mower missed them by an inch.

After we took photos and oohed and ahhed over them, I carefully attempted to reconstruct a nest cover of grass and some weeds to hide them from any predators. I only hoped and prayed Mama Bunny would think it was a good enough nest when she returned to nurse them. Surely she’d move them to a new spot if not, but it was worth a try.

She did come back that evening and not only did she nurse these adorable little creatures, but she “fixed” the nest cover a little that I had made – I didn’t do too shabby after all – and then chased off a squirrel who came too close to those babies!

I thought about the instinct thing. I guessed that animals must have at least their own internal language to desire to take care of their babies, return to nurse their babies, and then help them to grow up. My daughter mentioned the fact that Genesis mentions the talking serpent… so maybe animals talked verbally at one time… we believe the Bible is clear on whether a story is proverb or factually historical… and after all Eve didn’t even seem surprised that the serpent talked to her. So we know they don’t speak verbally now but maybe God gave them communication capabilities beyond our understanding. No matter what, I have to believe after watching Mama Bunny come back time and time again to nurse and cover her babies that her emotions and thoughts are real and not just animalistic or “something they just do”.

She plans, she executes, and she protects… and so do we.

We now have a makeshift tent made of two chairs and a tarp covering that sweet nest to keep the rains out of it. The babies are so sweet and remind us how God takes care of us… His babies.

This is Mama Bunny nursing her sweet babies.

This is “Mama Protection Mode” – the squirrel didn’t have a chance. Can’t believe how hard we laughed when that squirrel got scared enough to jump a foot off the ground… at least!
Go Mama Bunny!!

Live Blessed,




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